It rained in August!

It was a little cooler last night so I was deeply asleep when the alarm sounded. It hadn’t rained despite the forecast but there was a gentle breeze. I let all the dogs go despite there being a car in the car park. The tent was not far from the entrance to the Promontory. My efforts at ball-throwing were met with little enthusiasm as Luis has a poor sore paw and Fido was not that motivated. Oskar and Charlie rushed about a bit. They all made a racket and ran about madly.

It started to rain so I curtailed the walk and set off back towards the camping gathering up the dogs on the way. I’d left my laptop under the canopy but wasn’t sure how far the rain would drive in under it so I was keen to get back.

It was only a shower but we were still wet enough. Not that it matters at this time of the year as it’s warm and it takes no time to dry off. We were back earlier than usual so I went out running into the darkness.  I encountered another runner which I overtook. Not hard at the pace he was going. There’s an old guy who wanders up and down the road taking his constitutional each morning. I say good morning to him but I fear for his safety when it’s dark. He walks on the wrong side of the road. I’m wearing brightly-coloured, reflective garments and I carry a flashing red light. I also run INTO the direction of the cars. He is dressed in dark clothes and walks with the traffic. The number of idiots with no lights or who run on side-lights only, he’s likely to be struck by a vehicle. There are no pavements and the street lights are not very effective.

I was caught in another shower as I rode to Paleochora later so I arrived at the supermarket in soggy condition. I was not alone as no one has a coat at this time of the year. The supermarket was busy and I forgot to buy lemons and dried apricots. I use quite a number of lemons particularly if I’m eating spinach or corn on the cob. Today I bought some beetroot with fine leaves which I have cooked up for this evening. Not having lemon for the leaves is going to be a nuisance.

As well as wet roads, there was no electricity in Paleochora when I arrived at Petrakis. Stellios, of Ammos Beach Bar, was being an electrician and another guy with a long insulated pole was about to put the breakers back to restore the power. Petrakis have a huge generator which cuts in automatically but Yannis was concerned for the fish in his home aquarium. I assured him that the fish would be fine for a few hours so long as the aquarium was large enough and not overcrowded. I shall suggest that he invests in a UPS to keep his fish operation during our frequent power cuts. Yannis showed me some photos of his fish and his babies too. He has separated the babies at one end of the tank to prevent them from being eaten by the others. He also acquired a small kitten which he rescued from a rubbish skip outside the store. I can’t understand these people who go around rescuing stray animals…

I’m told that Kountoura will be without electricity tomorrow from 10:30 until 15:00. It can only be for planned work which I’m surprised is being carried out during the tourist season. I have discovered that the ΔΕΗ (DEI – The electric company) has morphed into another acronym and that plans to hook up Crete, Cyprus and Israel to the EU grid are in jeopardy. Recently, electrical power in this part of the island has been subject to several outages on some days.

There are still enquiries coming in for this year and also for next year. I’ve just replied to one for the second week of August 2019. What we need is a decent online booking system…

There are plenty of cars still parked by Alonáki Beach, the Stony Beach, as well as a motorhome and a couple of caravans. One of the caravans has been present for weeks but seems little used. The cars are just day trippers and will disperse as evening comes.

The dogs are now walked and awaiting their biscuits. I had an aberration yesterday evening so they enjoyed their Sunday meat a day early.

The wind is blowing the clouds overhead very quickly. Some of them are just white and fluffy whilst others still look as though they have some rain to deliver. No rain is forecast and the minimum for tonight is 24℃ whilst the maximum is 31.4℃ which is not too bad considering it’s been such a mixed-up day.



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