Funny weather!

Cats were arguing in the night which is virtually irresistible if you’re a dog. If you don’t get in quickly and catch the first one barking, they usually all decide to join in. Not so good at 03:15. We have one resident moggy at the camping which belongs to Georgia. That is to say, Georgia feeds her. There are now a couple of interlopers, one of which I mentioned the other day. Honour has to be maintained and Interlopers need to know who’s in charge. The remainder, you can work out for yourself.

Having a neighbouring dog is also unhelpful as this can generate an echo effect. I woke up a couple of times to shut them up but they were sensible enough not to get me out of bed! That would NOT have ended well! As well as the neighbouring dog, we have neighbouring children to add to the mix. Plenty of noise was there today from the other side of the fence. The dogs kept reasonably quiet.

My first alarm didn’t sound as, even though I’d plugged in my phone to charge it up, for some reason it had failed to start charging. I probably didn’t push the plug in all the way. Consequently, I got a lie-in until 04:35! Normally the phone does the first alarm which is relayed to the Watch. The Watch then has a backup alarm five minutes later.

It was a full moon but cloudy so it was a bit on-and-off. We walked but they were pretty lethargic when it came to ball-throwing. They preferred to sit around or play together. We walked on and back to the camping.

I departed into the gloom with my little red, flashing light and managed to complete my 6.12Km in 40:46 instead of something like 45 or 46 minutes. I think that might be a personal best. Just as I was finishing off the watering and about to feed to dogs, we had a brief rain shower. Only enough to dampen the sand and make the decking wet but it pattered down for a few minutes.

After an indoor shower and a cup of tea, I was off to Paleochora for some much-needed shopping. Mindful of the impending powercut, I wanted to get back before the power went off.

It went off just before 11:00 and resumed at about 15:00 making four straight hours of interruption. I got on with some useful activities which didn’t require mains electricity. One was to fix a waterproof electrical socket to the outside of the van near to the main supply inlet. This is necessary when Antonis needs to power his welder or angle grinder as the van’s internal circuits are fused at 10Amps so the breaker is frequently tripping out. I rigged up a horrid mess when he was working here so have now done something more permanent and sensible.

The cable for the new socket enters the back of the main supply inlet and connects on the input of the main breaker under one of the rear bench seats. Naturally, the breaker box is cunningly placed under the seat back which has to be removed to access it sensibly. Otherwise, it’s a gynaecologist job! I wasn’t up for that…

I removed all the clutter of plastic containers, kettle etc which reside on the end of the seat nearest the sink℃. Then the cushions and all the dog hairs. Since the power was already off, it seemed like a good plan to get some power-related jobs out of the way.

Unearthing all that lot, I continued with the rear seat once the power was back on and vacuumed up some of the dog-grot and associated hairs. Then the floor, doormat and so on. All this activity required a shower which was pleasant as the sun had been out since mid-morning.

The cooler weather and the lack of electricity spurred me into fix-it mode for a change. I’m waiting for the autumn as I have loads of painting and other jobs to get done before December and the winter months.

There are some Lima beans on the hob. They are going to go with the beetroot leaves from last night together with some tomatoes, cucumber, olives and a pepper. The smaller olives are no longer on promotion so I’ve reverted to the larger ones which are much more expensive but are considerably larger. I’d eat thirty of the smaller ones but only half the amount of larger ones.

The moon is up and bedtime beckons. The camping is quieter than last night and there are fewer people judging by the number of cars parked at the entrance. Only about four were parked outside this morning and they were probably there to avoid paying the parking charge.

Despite the funny weather, the high is 31.6℃. Showers are forecast for the middle of the day tomorrow. About 50% probability and only a couple of mm. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…


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