Not-so-cool night after all

No need for a fleecy blanket in the night just a sheet was all that was required. We were up and out at 04:30, as usual, this morning and the weather was much warmer than I’d anticipated. Cooler than the previous weeks which was quite pleasant for a change. July and August tend to be extremely hot so I’m always grateful to get those two months out of the way. September can also be quite warm, to begin with, but the evenings start to get cooler as the month progresses.

It’s been a busy day where I’ve been trying to do several things simultaneously but not too stressfully. I’ll be glad to be going out with the dogs soon as I think I’ve had enough. Some EG support as well as other small jobs. I’ve also been transferring my music library to the other server and working on that. I meant to start preparing my food earlier as I have the remainder of yesterday’s creation in the fridge. The plan is to use yesterdays as a base adding in some carrots and leeks. Not that the leeks are very appealing but are the best of the bunch.

The family with the children and the dog are still next door to me which is not conducive to a stress-free day. Their dog can be quite disruptive which helps to trigger the likes of Luis and Oskar into replying. The owners of the dog and the children do not seem to have much of a firm hand as both were still making a racket after 23:00 yesterday. It makes things difficult for me with them right on tome of me. Not that the camping is crowded any more and I’m sure there are far more attractive locations for them. Anywhere but right next to me! I am looking forward to most of the people going from the area behind me. The ones under the trees can stay as they are sufficiently far away but it would be nicer to have the entire area devoid of happy campers. I’m certain it’s much nicer in the front part of the camping right near to the sea!

For the past couple of days, I’ve completed my morning run in under 40 minutes. Only just under but under nevertheless. Knocking off five minutes requires a little bit of effort. The cooler weather helps too.

Obi has just been over to remind me of the time although I suspect his watch is a little fast. He’s becoming a little more persistent and Xanthippos has just returned the Grammeno Ferarri II (The Revenge) to its resting place, so we might as well go out for the Evening escapade.

My annoying neighbours have just returned with their annoying dog which has started to become annoying. Notice a theme building here? Luis can be annoying all on his own without help from another source of annoyance. As both the week and the month are drawing to a close, I’m hoping they will pack up and go home very soon. Tomorrow would be good or I’ll even settle for Friday.

I can see the moon through the fabric of the sail shade. The moon is a kind of orangy-yellow and quite attractive. I could see very well by the light of the moon this morning so didn’t even bother to take a torch. In an emergency, my watch can be used as a torch anyway.

My reincarnation of yesterdays meal worked out fine as I’ve just eaten all of it.

Just one small IT task to complete and then I think I’ll go to bed.

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