Yes! They left this morning!

Plenty of activity from the neighbours confirmed preparations for their departure. Hurrah! They left quite early which was a blessing. It has been a lot less stressful today and should hopefully be the situation now until next summer season. Phew!

Janne and Erica arrive mid-September but they are more relaxed about the dogs now anyway and the dogs with them.

There were a lot fewer cars in the camping car park earlier and the camping has now taken on a calmer atmosphere – especially my bit!

We did all the usual things this morning but there was little interest in my glowing balls except from Charlie and that was short-lived.

It was blowy when I went running so I managed only 41 minutes today. Coming back from Paleochora by bike was not too demanding due to the following wind.

The day has been relaxing, warm and sunny although now windier. It often gets windier at this time of day. Something to do with the different temperatures over land and sea.

Ursula reports they are now in Italy and will cover the remaining 600km during the next two days before boarding the ferry at Ancona for Patras. Apparently, she, Heidi and Tony are walking up a mountain just now. They did one yesterday but that was by train.

I’ve uploaded another 4,000 tracks to my music collection but have been a bit disorganised. I had an external disk plugged into my laptop then decided to upload lots of tracks which consequently tied up my laptop for much of the afternoon. Not a terribly cunning plan really.

Whilst digging under the storage at the back of the van I unearthed a nest containing four or five baby mice. A nearby towel was used as bedding so not looking quite as it did. I moved the nest and mice to a more convenient location and shoved all the clutter back in. They will hopefully disappear when they’re old enough or face eviction.

My track uploads seem to be progressing at a glacial rate. I might just go and walk the dogs.

The recent vegetable lad at Petrakis supermarket greets me with enthusiasm each morning. He panders to my whims by not sticking the price labels all over the bags as I like to reuse them several times. He was busy with a new trainee who he later proudly introduced as his brother. He was calling out the prices as his brother weighed my purchases. He has most in his memory.

Some noise in the middle of the day from the adjoining field announced the arrival of a digger and large tipper. They dug around for a bit then went away. Closer inspection during the Evening Ramble reveals no significant activity other than a few machine and vehicle tracks. If anything, they have taken some rocks for work elsewhere. I think I heard the same machines working nearby.

For some reason, I forgot to feed the dogs before going for a shower this morning. Not that they eat much in the mornings anyway. I usually collect it all up to recycle in the evening. Today they had some of the sauce which lingered from my meal last night. They were keen to eat anyway so I expect all the bowls are now empty and undergoing a thorough polishing.


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