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There was a little gap in my night. Something to do with the people enjoying themselves in the bar at 03:00. There are still people in the bar when I get up at 04:30 to take the dogs out for their walk! So long as they do it quietly or Fido gets a bit fidgety…

Luis chased the ball today despite the fatal injury to his poor sore paw. Suddenly it was playing him up again on the way back. How predictable!

I did a very leisurely run as it was windy and warm. I used the time effectively by thinking whilst jogging. Can’t really call what I was doing running. I was thinking about an IT problem which I managed to work out during the forty-five minutes I was out.

After a hot(!) shower, a little rest and a cup of tea, I went off to Paleochora unenthusiastically. It was 30℃ and windy. Fine for the return journey as the wind was from the east/northeast.

Then not much happens…

I did the IT job I was considering earlier and some other fiddling about. Then the remainder of the day just seems to crumble into insignificance.

I remembered to phone the Twins at their unbirthday before taking the dogs for their evening walk and putting them to bed with their supper. Sunday is meat night!

I have just finished munching a huge amount of vegetables: tomatoes x 2, cucumber and olives. Corn on the cob followed by spinach on the remainder of the beans from yesterday. By this time the courgettes and runner beans were ready. I didn’t think I’d eat it all but, as you know, vegetables are all water and fibre. Lots of vitamin K in the spinach and iron too although it’s not absorbed very well. The Popeye thing is just a myth regarding the iron, however, as for vitamin C that’s another story.

It is extremely still this evening in contrast to this morning where it was almost blowing me to a standstill on my bike. A great night for flying insects so I’m going inside before I’m eaten alive.




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