Clean Sheets!

There were very few tents in the area to the north of me as I wandered to the loo around 04:30. Even fewer when I wandered to the shower a couple of hours later.

More activity this morning with the glowing ball. Luis and Fido had to compete with Charlie and Oskar as I brought only one ball. Each day, I have been bringing two balls for nothing. Today I bring only one and they all want to play!

Running back to the camping, rather belatedly, I was passed by Olivia on her bicycle. I called out to ask if I could use the washing machine as I felt it might be nice to have everything clean again. Big things and towels are too much like hard work to wash by hand. She met me at 08:00 and she brought it back to me at 09:30. It soon dried but it’s still on the line as I have no enthusiasm to bring it in and fold it all up. It’s hard being enthusiastic when it’s hot.

I did some IT things this morning, as well as some camping stuff, then played with my music collection for the remainder of the time as well as a little snoozing in the sun!

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have arrived in Athens following their drive from Igoumenitsa. There was a one-day strike at Patras so the boat only went to Igoumenitsa. By sea, much easier as you watch the scenery but by land an extra 250km driving!

From Igoumenitsa 5hr 35min 500km
From Patra 2h 36min 238km

Added excitement is that the ferry from Piraeus will leave at 15:00 on Tuesday arriving Souda in Crete before midnight. There was a fire on the ferry last week so the schedule has been changed and two vessels are running whilst they sort out the damaged one. The fire was on one of the car decks but was kept under control so the ferry could return to Piraeus. I bet the passengers were delighted, especially those whose cars were damaged and destroyed. Finding myself back in Piraeus would also be quite disappointing.

“The “Eleftherios Venizelos”, carrying 875 passengers and 141 crew, was sailing to the port of Souda on Tuesday night when a car parking compartment caught fire. Coastal authorities escorted the vessel to Piraeus and all passengers safely disembarked in the early morning hours of Wednesday, with no injuries reported.”

Ursula now tells me she has been advised that they will depart Piraeus one day later as there is no sailing from there to Souda on Tuesday. The strike was today and that affected Patras. The fire was last week and the Eleftherios Venizelos has been replaced by the Blue Star and Blue Start 2 on the route to Souda. The departure has been brought forward from 21:00 to 15:00 so I was expecting them to arrive late on Tuesday night instead of early on Wednesday morning. Now it appears they have to stay another night in Athens and sail out on the 15:00 on Wednesday. Ursula must be pretty fed up with travelling!

There is only one inhabited tent in the area directly next to me. A couple in the further area and only one on the other side of the path leading down to the front of the camping. My brief inspection reveals very few punters in the remainder of the camping. Oh, what a shame!

The doggies are walked and eagerly awaiting their supper in their separate runs. Even Luis is quiet, maybe because I gave him a good telling-off a few minutes ago. It’s getting dark so I want to feed them. I forgot to put my beetroot to cook earlier so I now have corn on the cob and beetroot cooking together. That will be an interesting corn on the cob!



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