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The intrepid travellers have left Piraeus and are hopefully heading towards Souda in Crete. This journey has not been without its problems. Hopefully, if all goes well, they will arrive at Grammeno somewhen before midnight tonight.

I spoke to Maria about a number of things this morning. These included a customer I dealt with who wished to thank me in person. However, I didn’t see the email inviting me to come to the bar until 04:30 so I missed out as they left the camping at 06:00. I mentioned a leaking pipe which has been spraying water onto the path by the exit barrier for some days. It is no longer possible to pass by without a foot wash so the problem isn’t going away. As it turned out, it’s the irrigation water which is leaking and not the camping drinking water. Still, we don’t want to be wasting water, even at the end of the summer.

I mentioned the fridge in Ξ3 where Tony and Ursula will be staying for the next few weeks. Apparently, Maria recalls Olivia spotted the problem with the fridge when Tony and Ursula left so it has been changed.

I shall wander down later to check that the key is in the door and that it’s possible to get in.

Luis and Fido were the winners in the ball-retrieval competition this morning so today has been reasonably quiet. It’s good to wear those two out. A pity I can’t manage it with Oskar too. It’s getting easier now that the season is almost at an end. I’ve not seen any vehicle in the beach car park for several days. September is usually Motorhome Month where any number will park up overnight or for several days. They don’t affect us as we simply walk by as the owners slumber unwittingly inside.

Looking around the camping I can see vast empty space to the north of me. Only one tent is still occupied in this section and possibly another in the opposite section. I’ve not wandered the remainder of the camping for a while. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time for that before too long.

I’ve been trying to reinstall a computer using the Windows 10 refreshing facility. The idea is that the computer will completely reinstall itself as new. I did this earlier but there were still problems. I may need to revert to the old method of loading the software onto an external USB device and doing it from there.

I’ve installed some additional media to watch in the evenings now that they are slowing starting to get longer. Even with the Later Walk at 19:30, I still have plenty of viewing time. The problem is that my choices were getting limited. I’m saving the final episode of The Wire for tonight. It’s the end of season two which has been a continuing theme since season one began.  We are lead to believe that at least one character will be murdered however nothing should be taken for granted with this series. Yesterday I watched the first episode of House of Cards. Another Whitehouse drama but not that similar to The West Wing. I’m still watching that for the Nth time!

The wind has freshened considerably so I may need to consider taking down the washing I hung to dry on Monday. I think it is probably dry by now. I also may need to put on a shirt before I do much else. The dogs need walking very soon too.


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