Another busy Friday

For me and for the camping it’s been a busy day. The morning was quiet but the day became busier as the afternoon progressed. I wonder why everyone decides to reserve their IT queries for a Friday afternoon.

The camping is busy again as this is the last weekend before the Greek schools go back. I am reliably informed they go back next week. I now have neighbours in the area to the north including a family with several children and a dog. The dog is medium-sized and quite disruptive. It is also aggressive as I saw it breakaway from one of the children to have a go at a smaller dog owned by another customer. The dog’s keeper rushed over to intervene and gave the dog a good kicking and punch even though it had left the smaller dog alone. I contacted Maria, who was wandering the site anyway and introduced her to the couple whose dog had been the victim of this unprovoked attack. I don’t think there is anything wrong with either dog other than the larger dog probably needs more exercise and some training. Not things associated with many local owners. Slapping the dog around is hardly conducive to good behaviour as a firm hand and a bit of training would serve better. Leaving the animal tried up by your tent and disappearing off for a meal is also quite unhelpful. But then I can understand that taking an aggressive dog with you is not that easy either. A little training wouldn’t go amiss.

It has been another lovely day with plenty of sunshine and a high of 30.8℃: slightly cooler than yesterday. This morning, bright and early, it was still but cooler so Luis excelled himself by being the number one dog with the ball. We were out a couple of minutes before Ursula and Heidi as I woke up at 04:15 and decided to get up as I was awake. At that point in the day, the camping was virtually deserted.

I discovered a load of elderly rice which I decided to cook up for the dogs. I chucked it into the pressure cooker whilst I rode to Paleochora and it was done when I came back. I left it in the cooker all day and it was still warm in the evening. I mixed in a few chicken stock cubes I had floating about and I think it’s all been eaten up.

Whilst running back to Grammeno this morning, I was passing one of the more dubious ‘hotels’ and could hear a young cat mewing by the base of a tree. I stopped briefly to check it out but it seemed fine and was probably waiting for its mother to return. Later, whilst taking the dogs for their evening walk, I could hear a mewing kitten. I came back once the dogs were in bed and fed and tracked down the kitten. He also seemed fit and well so I left him to await the return of the mother.

I was contacted today by a member of Embroiderers Guild who is house and cat sitting from friends who live in Anydri. We plan to go out for a meal together one lunchtime. I’ve suggested The School in Anydri or Houmas as I think they want to visit the camping to see the dogs. They came last year but for some mysterious reason, I was not in.

It’s past 21:15 so I’d better go and get some food for myself and put my watch on charge as I have just heard the low battery alert.





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