Afternoon tea

Still no shortage of customers in the camping as the car park is virtually full. I received a request for information for a three-day stay from tomorrow from a German family. Maria says we have accommodation available from tomorrow afternoon.

Despite some clouds during the day, the temperature reached 31.6℃ and the beach was busy with children making the most of the final days of the Summer Holidays. Their shrill voices failed to keep Tony and Ursula awake despite the children’s play area just across from their cabin. They dined early with their friend Anne, her sister and his husband, but were in bed by 21:30. Ursula says she only woke when the alarm went off. I think all the travelling and uncertainty of the previous days have caught up.

I was up at 04:20 so had a head start on the day. Ursula’s torch went off as she walked down the Promontory with Heidi but they finally made it despite rather slow progress due to the darkness. There was only 2% illumination of the moon this morning and it was late rising. The New Moon is tomorrow so no light for the next couple of weeks. It makes the stars easier to see and any meteorites more dramatic. A torch is needed to avoid various obstacles encountered during the walk.

I discovered the mouse had found its way into my cupboard and gnawed some dry food and a bar of chocolate. I put a piece of the remaining chocolate in the trap: the greedy mouse couldn’t resist so has now been rehomed courtesy of Ursula when she took Heidi for her walk. Hopefully, the mouse has no GPS and will not find its way back to the van.

I made sure the babies had all gone and vacuumed up all the mess under the rear seating. I then washed the floor. Ursula made a cake and invited me for afternoon tea at their cabin. The neighbours’ dog was very noisy which caused my lot to reply. We decided it might be better for them to come to me so all the dogs would be together and we’d be able to control them. Ursula, Tony, Heidi and the cake turned up and we sat out on the decking and drank tea. I won’t be too sad when the neighbours leave. Theirs is not the only dog as there are at least two others exchanging opinions. At least mine are silent.

Here is Princess’ adoption page where you can read her bio and see some photos of her. I’ll try to take some more recent ones soon but I don’t think she’s changed much other than she is not so thin.

I managed to download the entire series of Steptoe and Son with Wilfred Brambell and Harry H Corbett and have just watched episode one which was first transmitted on 5 January 1962 when I was only six! The street scene in the opening sequence is interesting and depicts a time which has long gone. There are not that many rag and bone men now either I suspect.

I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes so have decided to retire to my boudoir whilst there’s still some of me left!


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