Farewell Xanthippos?

Despite being well ahead of the game, Ursula and Heidi were positioned at the end of the Promontory before we arrived. Naturally, I could tell they were already present by the way the dogs behaved. We chatted and Luis ran after his ball. The others joined in occasionally. I took most of the dogs over the rocks with the aid of a torch and we met up at the assembly point for leads and biscuits. There was one car parked in the beach car park but we decided to ignore it and no occupant was discovered by any dog.

I went for my run a little later than usual and was annoyed by the headlight shining down the road into my eyes. I was sporting my red light as usual. As I approached the location, I could see a number of vehicles parked with lights flashing and a motorcycle parked nearby. A figure lay sprawled on the ground. I ran on as there were sufficient bystanders. A few paces up the road, an ambulance arrived presumably to cart the individual off for examination. I have a feeling there may be yet another little shrine or plaque placed in that location quite soon. If you don’t wear a hat when riding your motorbike, you’re going to get a sore head if it hits anything solid.

We had a cup of tea and then I heard a gnawing sound from inside the van. Further investigation confirmed the presence of a rodent enjoying some cardboard chewing. I doubt the mouse from yesterday has made it back so it would indicate there is more than one of them. I cleaned and reset the plastic trap from yesterday and relocated, cleaned and reset the other. I have also set the ‘Tin Cat’ trap which is capable of providing temporary secure accommodation for multiple rodents. All are baited with chocolate which proved very successful yesterday. We shall see if we can catch ourselves another mouse.

Ursula went to tend to Tony and I went off to Paleochora. For the past couple of days, I’ve failed to put together the ingredients I bought previously which have been languishing in the fridge. Today will be the day! I bought a couple of extra items as well as some olives. The olive lady is trained and knows exactly what I need. Keeping reliable help is so difficult nowadays.

We had breakfast when I returned and then I got on with a little IT work. The remainder of the day seems to have escaped although I have made another creation which is keeping warm in the InstantPot. I think I will have eaten it before the ten-hour keep warm period runs out.

Mikhalis has another twenty-one days left of his sentence at Grammeno. I tried to explain that twenty-one days seem quite a few and that perhaps three weeks might appear shorter. I can manage to say that in Greek. I then mentioned that I’d not seen Xanthippos for a couple of days and missed the smell of part-burned fuel as he chugged off to collect together the rubbish and to water the flowers each morning. I’d noticed that Mikhalis had been performing these duties but assumed that perhaps Xanthippos was having a couple of days rest. It transpired that he has ‘left’ or something like that. However, I am reliably informed that he has been sacked and reinstated more times than the sun rises in the east. It’s probably just a matter of time. Not having someone to feed and exercise the dogs during the winter is always a problem for Georgia. Even when she is present, she is not capable of walking the larger dogs. In any event, her idea of exercise is to walk to the bar from her house for a coffee and cigarette!

There are still a number of people on the camping and there were plenty of cars at the front of the camping when I jogged through this morning. Hopefully, they will disappear before long so that we can all relax again. Ursula informs me the restaurant and bar is doing a roaring trade.

Annoying to the end, the doggy neighbours came back after dark in order to pack up their tent. They had the car lights on with the engine running so that we could all benefit from their consideration. At least they have gone and taken their children and dog home to annoy their permanent neighbours.

I put together a stew comprised of a couple of leeks, three carrots an eggplant and three courgettes. I bunged in the remaining beans left over from a couple of nights ago. Pushed the ‘stew’ button on the InstantPot and let it do its thing. It sat in ‘keep warm’ mode for 3.5 hours and it was very nice. Finished off with the remaining portion of the cake Ursula brought yesterday along with a jar of really lovely fruit compote. The cake and fruit were wonderful together, however, I have to confess that I consumed all of the fruit. My story is that I feared it might go off…

Will there be a mouse in one of the traps in the morning?




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