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Even earlier out this morning but Ursula still managed to beat me to the end of the Promontory. She says she doesn’t, but I suspect she spends all night out there! There was some ball interest, mostly from Luis and Fido, although Fido lacked enthusiasm and was hesitant.

Two sizeable motorhomes were sharing the beach car park: the inhabitants snoring within – ignorant of our passage in either direction. It is still quite dark when we arrive back at the camping. The dogs were allowed to stay out as the neighbours, and their disruptive dogs had departed.

I ran, mostly in darkness, my little red light clasped in my right hand. The lady from Paleochora and I crossed paths at the entrance to Grammeno ‘village’ if such a thing exists. No records were broken today although it was less warm than of late.

While in Paleochora, I visited the hardware store to pick up some PU foam and some self-driving screws to fix up the awning rails along the west and south sides of the canopy.

We had breakfast and then I got on with the awning rail. I now have the sail shade on the east side and sun blockers on the south and west sides. The previous spaciousness is reduced, but it’s a lot cooler without the radiated and reflected heat from the sun. The changing angle of the sun means it is now shining under the canopy; rapidly eroding the useable daytime space. The southern sun blocker is hanging vertically at present as the centre leg of the canopy prevents it from doing much else. The wind-out awning had only two legs allowing the sun blocker to be pitched out across the decking. I might get two smaller sun blockers for the south side for next summer. It was quite hot, and I needed to crawl under the decking to attach the rubber bands, so a shower was required as I was sweaty and dirty.

We went to Anydri to the restaurant where we met up with Anne, her sister and her husband, Ken. They are visiting Anne and Europe, especially Crete on this trip. We had a great meal and got back to Grammeno in time to walk the dogs just after 19:00. The dogs were quiet until we arrived back; however, I didn’t bother to inquire of my new French neighbours whether that had been the situation all along.

Talking to Mikhalis earlier, he informs me that the bar and restaurant will close in a couple of weeks meaning he will be released at that time: a week off of his sentence. I can’t see the point in running the bar and restaurant when there are few customers. This weekend it was worth it because it was busy: I’m unsure if it will be as busy next weekend.

I suspect Maria and Georgia will be sloping off back to Chania once I’m back in October…

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