Thunder and lightning, all very frightening…

My iPad had a string of storm alerts when I checked it out early this morning. Closer inspection showed a storm approaching from the north. It had not made land yet but was assisted by a northerly wind so would arrive soon. We were entertained while out with the dogs on several counts: watching the frequent flashes and occasional rumble from the sky; considering the possibility of us getting damp; considering the possibility of eight wet dogs to have to deal with. To cut out any stress or anxiety you may be having, we all got back without being struck by lightning or getting wet.

The overcast nature of the sky meant it was a little darker than usual for the time of the day. Given the approaching storm, I decided to put Luis, Oskar and Pea in their houses. Pea and Oskar are not big into thunder at the best of times and Luis decided to go into one of the houses as soon as we got back into the other run. Ursula disappeared to bring in some electrical items from around their cabin and I got changed ready to run. The sky was definitely menacing as I left the camping so I guessed there was a good chance of returning to the camping wet. My running kit needs a wash so who cares?

To remove further apprehension and accompanying stress, I will confirm that I did get a little wet but not sufficient to require a change of clothes before tea. I went a little further today: all the way to Paleochora as it happens. This is 50% further than my normal 6km run. The rationale was that it might rain and I might not wish to ride into Paleochora for shopping so extending the run would partly cancel out the need ride. In the end, I did both because the weather improved and I needed shopping from Petrakis anyway. I was wearing a light fleece over my shirt on the ride out but felt too hot on the way back. I’ve been wearing a shirt all day as it’s been windy and the ground was damp from the morning’s precipitation which did not even register on the weather station.

My northerly French neighbours departed this morning. Hopefully to a less-windy location. It is quite blowy at the moment and has reached Bft 7 (53km/h). There are also plenty of clouds providing hiding places for the sun. Despite the less than ideal weather, I understand Ursula has managed a swim so has closed all of her rings too. My Move ring was closed before I cycled to Paleochora thanks to the extended run. My Stand Circle was not terribly advanced as I managed to forget to unlock my watch when I took it off the charger at bedtime. Silly me.

No real excitements for today. A little light IT support for Inter Sport. Someone deleted one of their folders which I had to recover from backup. Not a terribly demanding task but the recipient was duly grateful to have their files returned to them.

My vertical sun blockers are less prone to flapping about in the wind and also help to block out the wind too. Having them vertical might not be so much of a bad thing.

Later today Apple will announce their new iPhone models. The keynote takes place at 10:00 Pacific Time which is 20:00 in Eastern Europe. I’m not that interested to watch the presentation and quite happy to receive the highlights later or in the morning. Apple continues to dominate the handset market in terms of value rather than numbers sold however there are still some great handsets from competitors which are significantly cheaper. The major advantage of Apple products is that they mostly just work and they all work nicely together. We have to wait about a week before we can download the latest software which is freely available.

My InstantPot is hissing gently to itself as it finishes off cooking some Lima beans for later. It’s nice to have something warm when the weather is cooler. Only another couple of minutes and the pressure phase of the cooking will be over and then I’ll leave it to depressurise naturally, drain off the excess liquid before bunging in more ingredients and setting it off again. At this point, I will walk the dogs and leave the Pot to do its work.

I was surprised to see that I’d managed to shut Charlie in with Luis. I would have thought Luis might have noticed Charlie was already in the house. It must have been cosy in there for the two of them. Fortunately Charlie is calm and even-tempered and Luis knows not to mess with Charlie.

The alerts are still coming in on my iPad so there’s another storm not far away. No rain is forecast so we may escape more unforecast dampness today.

I shall retire to my boudoir and fall asleep…


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