Where is he trying to go?

It was mosquito weather today as it was warm and still. Luis was the most active ball-chaser, however, he lost interest quite quickly. It was less dark than yesterday as the sky was clear with plenty of stars to gaze at. I did quite a bit of gazing since the dogs weren’t that interested in the balls. We stayed out until around 06:30 and actually came back in when it was getting light!

I went for my run and didn’t require any kind of lighting equipment and could actually see where I was going for a change! I could see the uneven road surface and could also enjoy the view. I completed my 6km in just over forty-one minutes without putting in too much effort. Possibly because it’s cooler and possibly because I’m fitter.

I showered, drank Tea, cycled to Paleochora and had breakfast with Tony and Ursula as usual.

A bit of the morning escaped and then I got on with trying to sort out some of the clutter I stuffed into Château Boris when I took down the awning. I needed to rediscover my soldering iron as I’d set myself the task of building up the circuit board for my Blitzortung lightning detector. I received the kit a while ago, Ursula brought me the GPS receiver I needed, so it was merely a matter of sitting down with the soldering iron to put it all together. Most of the components are already soldered onto the board as you need to be a machine to attach them. Others were present as they are needed for the initial setup. I just had the larger items to solder on. I bought a better soldering iron from China which is fine for smaller components but struggles a little when the heat is dissipated away by larger items. I got there in the end. I now have to purchase some coax cable from the electrical store to make up the antennae and then it will work. I might drift by there in the morning.

Whilst preparing the soldering, I could hear an unusual noise from the SDC and looked round to find Charlie trying to dig his way out. Come 28 October he will have been living here three years so I wasn’t entirely certain as to why, after all this time, he was so determined to get out. I went around to the outside of the fence just in time to intercept him. I took him back inside and then brought him out on the long lead. Mystery solved: previous customers had left some fish heads and other detritus on the ground. Charlie is quite motivated by food so was going to get it whatever the cost. I let him grab the disgusting remains and closed him into the other compound so that he could enjoy it without competition from the others.

Ursula is slaving over a hot stove to produce a curry for our evening delectation. I need to take the dogs for their walk, feed them and put them to bed. The aim is to get down to Ursula by 20:00. It’s now 19:25 – better get on!

I arrived for the curry at 20:00 just as Ursula had finished cooking. It was extremely yummy so I felt it my duty to show my appreciation by eating lots of it. Not at all difficult for me to do as it was so nice. And I’d been saving myself all day. We ate and chatted, watched the moon and fed the mosquitoes who seemed particularly interested in Tony who finally gave in and went inside.

We packed up at 22:00 as we’d both been up early with the dogs. We discussed going out later in the mornings but decided to keep to the routine for now. We’ll stay out longer anyway.

After all that food, I’m now ready for my bed…


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