Happy Birthday Ursula!

The Birthday Girl!

I suggested that the dogs and I sang happy birthday to Ursula as we stood out at the end of the Promontory just before 5 am. Ursula preferred the idea of a pleasant meal in Anydri instead for some reason.

As per our recent norm, we stayed out until it was nearly light. Luis was the most active of all the dogs, his little legs carrying him up and down the sandy bit at the end of the promontory countless times. Fido was a bit of a lightweight by comparison.

The 6km run was all over in 37:53 today which I suspect is my best time on this route. I don’t really know why but I just felt motivated to work harder today. Ursula was well underway with her Pilates when I left under Obi’s strict scrutiny. He is a hard taskmaster and will lick her viciously if he detects she is slacking or, worse still, falling asleep. It’s not quite so easy to nod off if you have a Small, Brown Dog dancing on your chest I should imagine.

I showered, we drank tea and went our separate ways. Ursula to tend to Tony and me to Paleochora. I’d hoped the plumber might be open but it was a long shot. I wanted to move on with the lightning detector project and get some plastic pipe and fittings to put the antenna in. I suspect it would last less than a year left outside to be eaten away by the salt and sand. I’ll go again tomorrow when I know it’s open.

Yannis Petrakis was telling me he was so tired last night he didn’t even make it to bed. He sat down on his sofa and found himself still there when he woke up the next morning. He said the shop was as busy as it was on 15 August (August Bank Holiday) – he couldn’t believe it. It’s not easy for them as their deliveries arrive later due to the change in the ferry timetables resulting from the recent fire on the larger ferry.

We had breakfast and I enjoyed a little forty winks in the sun before moving on with my lightning detector. I was held up due to a problem with another piece of equipment which needed fixing before I could continue. The device is now sending lightning data to the central computer and it’s visible on the website. I just need to put the aerial up higher so that it picks up more electromagnetic energy from lightning and less interference from the storeroom and workshop. I’ll definitely have to switch it off if Antonis comes with his welder!

We went to Anydri at 16:00 arriving just as most others were leaving. Ursula and I decided we wanted the big black beans to be told they were all out! The zucchini flowers, salad, oven potatoes and chickpeas were delicious. Ursula and I shared these and Tony had spaghetti with pesto.

The dogs were reasonably quiet once we returned to the camping so I got on with writing my blog.

It’s getting near evening walk time as sunset is only seven minutes away. It’s getting breezy so I suspect the Alonáki Beach will be deserted of bathers with just the caravan and a couple of motorhomes remaining. Two motorhomes have been on Alonáki beach for several days and a couple of larger ones appear later in the Grammeno Beach car park. Fewer than previous years I think, however, I reckon the camping has been busier than previous years. Sadly, without statistics, we have no real way of knowing.

It’s 20:05 and nearly dark. There were few bathers and only one motorhome on Alonáki Beach: I could see another in the Grammeno Beach car park. It is definitely cooler in the evenings, especially once the sun has gone down. The high for today is 33.8℃ and it became quite warm under the canopy at one point.

There is a sound of crunching biscuits as one dog still devours his supper. On meat night it usually soon disappears.

Lunch at Anydri on Ursula’s Birthday


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