Liz and Colin from EG

Not shaking the van about but windy enough when we left to meet up with Ursula at the end of the Promontory. We passed a car parked up in the beach car park. In one of those positions where it looks as though the owner is parking their car in the hope you can’t see it. The motorhomes which have been a fixture for the past days were absent perhaps because they feared it might be too windy for them so near to the sea. The wind was gusting hard down the road as we approached but, in the comparative shelter of the bushes of the Promontory, it was relatively calm.

Ursula and Heidi were waiting in the darkness, undoubtedly admiring the star-studded sky. I was convinced it was much brighter than the previous days even during the power cut morning. The ISS was due to pass at 05:06 but I guessed it would not be as exciting as the previous day: I was not disappointed. Yesterday, it passed overhead and was visible for several minutes before disappearing into the east. This morning, it rose in the northeast and disappeared into the southeast. No sooner had it become visible was it moving away towards the exit door. It’s visible tomorrow but much later on.

I left Ursula to her pilates and ran into the wind on my outward journey: the return was much less demanding. No records were broken today. I’d left my phone to update itself as I was unable to do this last night when the new software became available. I’d been contributing to the beta-testing programme and I worked out that that the phone would not update all the time I was still connected to that programme. I unsubscribed, and my phone immediately began to upgrade. I couldn’t update my Watch until the phone had completed its update, so the Watch had to wait. I didn’t get to try out the new workout metrics or controls this morning. The Watch now detects when you start to take exercise and invites you to start a workout session while crediting you with the data already recorded. This feature is available for walks and running but not for cycling. I’m sure there is a reason why not.

After struggling to Paleochora against the wind, we had breakfast, and then I went to catch up with some emails and check out the new features of the software upgrade for the phone and watch. Loads of new features which I will need to familiarise myself with over the coming days.

Liz and Colin were meeting me for lunch at Houmas restaurant, so I wandered up just before 2 pm. We enjoyed a lovely meal before returning to the camping so they could see the dogs. We then went on a quick tour of the camping meeting up with Tony and Ursula. We chatted together for a while and then Liz and Colin left to feed the cats at the house in Anydri they are looking after for some friends. Somehow the afternoon seemed to have escaped without a trace.

The dogs were getting restless due to the wind and a couple of customer dogs nearby. I had a cup of tea with Tony and Ursula and then went back to quieten them down. The camping is not so busy so I can afford to relax a bit until Janne and Erica arrive tomorrow.

The wind is getting stronger again and the sun is setting. The temperature is dropping and the dogs need walking. I’d better go and do my duty.


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