Janne and Erica arrive tonight

I fell out of bed with little desire to venture out onto the decking as the wind whistled from the north. One thing I notice with the new canopy is the complete absence of FLAPPING FABRIC! The wind-out fabric awning was particularly annoying during windy conditions, particularly at night. There seemed to be incessant flapping of the fabric against the centre additional support and the two edges. It is blissful not being woken up when suddenly the wind freshens. There will still be a certain amount of flapping once the awning tent is put up but I plan to improve the way the tent is attached at the bottom in order to secure it more evenly.

We curtailed the walk due to the cold and the wind. Without the wind it would have been fine. The dogs didn’t appear to mind being taken back earlier indeed my lots were virtually galloping in front of me. I put mine into the other compound so that they would have access to their houses. I need not have bothered on that account. Charlie and Fido invested a lot of effort arguing over a small ball which I eventually removed from the proceedings in order to get some peace. It was still early in the morning although there is no one close to the compound anymore.

It was still blowing well when I went to Petrakis calling on Manolis at the filling station and the electrical shop on the way. Manolis gave me an adaptor so I could fix my cycle pump and I was at the electrical shop for more coax cable for aerial making.

Back for breakfast outside with Ursula and Tony having stopped en route to pick up a pastry for Tony.

The morning was warm and sunny and it appears I may have drifted off at some point. I did some IT stuff for Simon later as well as some other fiddling around.

Ursula made some banana bread so we all had tea and ‘cake’ in the late afternoon sun. I presented her with some ripe bananas and a bag of oats this morning and she appreciated my subtle hint.

It was meat night tonight so I took out the dogs, fed them and put them to bed. We were dining together on a bean stew Ursula had been working with all day. I bunged some rice in the InstantPot followed by around 100kg of spinach which went down to almost nothing, as it does.

We have eaten lots of beans, rice and salad. I rounded off the meal with some more of the banana bread. Just to remind myself what it tastes like.

It is not warm this evening as I am reduced to wearing a fleece with a hood whilst we ate and I am sitting out on the decking writing this. The wind is fairly strong and continues to be cool too.

Janne and Erica should arrive soon assuming no mishaps with their flights. It cannot be anything like as bad as their previous experience where they went on a tour of Europe!

Time for bed methinks.


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