Beans, beans, beans…

The sun has set so I can only see its light in the sky behind the storeroom roof. In the distance, a dog is barking plaintively while my lot are walked, fed and in their beds munching their food. In the past, I would give them their food in the evening, and a smaller amount in the morning. As so much food was coming back to me in the morning, and the evening food was sometimes uneaten, I have decided to feed them one larger meal in the evenings. This helps me with Luis as otherwise, he has access to more food than is good for him. He is slowly working his way through the large bag left behind by Boris. Fed in his house, he has only what I give him. I’ll go back to feeding them morning and evening during the winter when it’s colder.

For a Friday, today has been quite busy. I am migrating all of EG’s data to another server and Louise, who was recently on holiday in Lanzarote, is the first data migration victim. The EG has been using its own server for years but now has no central office so relies on the Bucks County Museum for its IT infrastructure. You may recall the shambles which occurred over the Christmas period when the server was inaccessible for weeks on end. I am now determined to get rid of the server placing everything in the Cloud so that it is someone else’s problem. I have the others to migrate in due course but need them to rationalise and consolidate their documents before doing so. People keep loads of clutter they are never likely to ever need in the future.

In parallel to my IT work I have been making a beans and other vegetables creation. Most of the preparation was carried out on the decking as I was using the InstantPot to do all of the cooking. The beans are large brown versions of Lima beans which I soaked for nearly twenty-four hours. These were cooked first and set aside. I prepared the onions, garlic, carrot, sweet potato and leeks separately then added back the beans with various herbs and spices. The entire operation is experimental as I’m still getting to grips with my InstantPot. I put the whole lot on to cook under pressure for ten minutes then allowed it to depressurise naturally. This way, the food continues to cook but cannot burn as no heat is being added. Quite an economical way to prepare large quantities of grub at a time.

The wind which has been with us for the past few days has now abated and the day was consequently warmer with a high of 32.2℃. No wind brings out the mosquitoes so I am falling prey to them as I type while sitting out on the decking. The forecast shows rain for several days from Wednesday evening onwards. That is sufficiently far into the future to not happen. Time will tell.

I’ve heard that Steffi and Sascha will not be coming back to Grammeno in the near future so I have decided I might as well use their car to drive myself to the airport. I can leave the car in the airport carpark for 19€. No one will need to hang around if the flight is delayed and I will be master of my own destiny. I’m sure Antonis will be delighted not to have to drive me as he has plenty to do including his night job.


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