A breakthrough?

For a change, there was no wind when we went out for the Early Walk but I wore plenty of insulation nevertheless. No dog was interested in my ball this morning but they were a little distracted by the presence of a FreeLoader somewhere on the Promontory. I was aware of this having spotted an anonymous car in the beach car park. Later, Fido gave them a good singing-to so no chance of them getting a lie-in.

I had a leisurely jog whilst Ursula performed her pilates under the supervision of Obi. He graciously allowed her to use some of her exercise mat and took himself off elsewhere.

Emerging from the shower, I noticed Olivia had been cleaning the floor. The national habit is to wash the floor, toilets, toilet paper, showers and walls using around 45,400 litres (10,000 gallons) of water. This water has to be swept up and pushed towards the door and then outside. Consequently, the steps and ground outside become wet so that anyone who comes into the newly-cleaned bathroom brings in loads of dirt on the soles of their shoes. The floor soon looks grotty. In 2015, when I was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, I could mop out both common bathrooms using half a bucket of water and a little cleaning product.

I was against the wind on the way to Paleochora where I purchased a feta pie for Tony before lunging into Petrakis. I’d sent information to Yannis regarding InstantPorts since he’d expressed and interest and likes to cook. There was some mixup with phone numbers between him and his father as they share an account. Seemingly some messages arrived on my phone bearing his father’s number. As I went through the checkout, Yannis was speaking to the phone company. Good luck with that I thought!

Breakfast with Ursula and Tony, who singlehandedly recognised the content of his morning pastry.

My weekly call followed which continued for the next Two hours forty-five minutes!

Following our earlier game of ‘remember which house is where’, I have annotated a photo which I acquired from Google Maps. It is rather dark and green, so may be difficult to see properly. You can see the photo in a larger size here.

Here is a recent photo of Cuilfail estate with numbered houses as follows:

1. Pump House11. Providence Cottage21. Cliffedown
2. Baldy’s Garden12. Cliffehanger22. Saxon Down
3. Dimension III13. The Sky House23. Chalk Croft
4. Old Coach House14. Baden Lodge24. Mulberries
5. The White House
15. Old Lavenders
6. Tanglin16. Swallowtree
7. Caburn17. Kilimani
8. Lanthorn18. Fairlight
9. Pinehill19. Martins
10. Windrush20. The Hirsel

Some of the houses are new and some have changed name since our time.

Present NamePreviously known as
Providence CottageAstu
TanglinThe Storthing
The HirselCliffedown

Some of the previous residents:

Baldy’s GardenLady ???
Old Coach HouseSadler
The White HouseTarget
CaburnBeatty (Mike Franks)
LanthornHughes (Brian, Sylvia)
The StorthingPage
Chalk CroftKlugman
Saxon DownAllen
Old LavendersRoss

Ursula’s Apple Cake turned out very nicely despite her reservations and I seem to have consumed quite a lot of it. The old trick of filling someone else’s glass up whilst they go to the toilet was modified in this case to involve the addition of more cake. Quelle Shame! The camping was busier due to it being a weekend and the dogs quite noisy and fractious. I had to go up a couple of times to quieten them down. I’d taken the precaution of locking Luis inside one of the houses and will do the same for Oskar and Charlie tomorrow. They are starting to flex their muscles and need some slapping down. They were both reduced to quivering wrecks when I finally returned. My bad humour was reflected by the manner in which I entered the main compound so both had withdrawn into the relative sanctuary of one of the houses. It didn’t stop me giving them all a good telling off for gratuitous noise!


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