Cool, wet and windy

Lots more activity this morning due to lack of Freeloaders and pent-up energy from the previous, unsatisfactory day’s walk. It was most amusing to watch the dogs chasing each other around, playing with the balls and generally making a racket. The moon was higher and full so we were able to see all around without the need for torches. I did use my torch as I walked the dogs over the rocks but, by then, the moon was setting.

I took the time to stand on a high rock to watch the setting moon as well as check out some of the stars once it had set. Not many stars show up when they have to compete with the moon. We went back and enjoyed a relatively peaceful day. I didn’t have to put any dogs inside while I went to Paleochora or had breakfast. Janne and Erica said they were not bothered by the dogs as there was only minimal noise

I passed Erica as she rode back from Paleochora as I rode in.  Ursula had been shopping so I waited until after nine before going in myself. I went to the bakers, the supermarket and the post office. I’d been awaiting the arrival of a parcel for a couple of weeks. They had no parcel only a letter from ELTA which I’ve not looked at yet. I should imagine the package has been stopped somewhere along the line and I need to do something about it.

After the usual breakfast, I went back and provided a little support for Louise who was having problems with some software. The rest of the day was taken up with some interesting research and accounts.

Ursula had baked another banana cake when I went down for tea so I munched my way through a couple of slices of that before returning to walk the dogs.

The weather forecast is a little pessimistic for the next few days as it predicts high winds for a couple of days followed by some rainy and showery days. We’ve not had sensible rain at Grammeno for months but it will not be helpful for keeping customers in the camping. The weekend looks as though it could be a bit of a washout which would put an end to the season for all but the hardy. But then, Monday is the first of October…

The forecast is often pessimistic as well as unreliable in the long term. We will see.

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