Winter already?

The wind blew all night but it didn’t affect me as much as it used to. My new canopy makes no noise and the sun blockers do not flap or make noise so the night was very calm. Other than Oskar fidgeting from time to time.

It was very light as I left with the dogs for the journey through the field towards the beach road. No need for a torch as I could see enough without, so bright was the moon.

We played around but they soon became tired of the ball due to the incessant wind. We sheltered out of direct line to avoid the northerly wind. We were back a little earlier as I think we were all glad to be in the relative calm of the camping. The trip across the beach car park was exciting due to the sand blown by the wind. The pace was brisk.

At times I made little progress whilst running although I had plenty of help on the way back. The time was over forty-two minutes today.

Tea and then an equally interesting ride into Paleochora. We all decided it was windy and cold and more like winter. In September!

After breakfast, much of my day was spent getting prices for new computers for EG. These are to replace the eight-year-old Dells they are currently using.

I put some vegetables and beans together and Tony and Ursula were brave enough to come and eat them. Another reasonably successful trial for my pot.

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