Season’s End

The rain started around midnight but properly got going just before 02:00. I thought I’d better have a wander around to be sure there were no important things getting wet. I knew all my high-value gadgets were close to me but there was a speaker charging and other devices. The wind was from the east so rain was blowing under the canopy onto the decking. Under winter conditions, the east side of the awning tent would be in position preventing this. At present, only the sail shade is present and this is neither waterproof or near enough to the canopy roof.

I went back to bed but took a little while to go to sleep as I was wide awake. The rain rate was around 20mm/h at one point – quite wet. The total rain for the night was just over 30mm. Not a bad score as it’s been such a long time since we’ve experienced proper rain.

The Early Walk was delayed due to the continuing precipitation so we had a lazy morning with a lie-in until 06:30! It was getting light as we arrived on the Promontory and even Princess was allowed to go free. I reckoned that, even if she went back to the camping, it was not too early and most of the customers are in cabins, vans or statics so wouldn’t notice. She quickly disappeared off on her own but came back correctly at the end with everyone else. The dogs played nicely with Luis being the Grand Master of the Ball. After the initial exuberance, I took them over the rocks to discover the sea breaking over. We got our feet wet and retreated back to cross the lagoon in the dry and go up another way.

Finally, we returned to the camping with all present and correct.

I ran in daylight battling a strong easterly wind. I completed in forty-two minutes or so, assisted on the return by the wind on my back. Following a shower, I jumped on my bike to go to Paleochora, again against the wind. The return run was less than eleven minutes with speeds in excess of 30km/h.

As I wandered back into the camping, I noticed Michalis’ truck. Not really surprising except that yesterday was his last day and today he was to be out spear fishing in the sea. Yesterday, he’d even unpacked all his equipment to show me his mask and snorkel, flippers and spear gun. He was fishing but not quite as he’d intended: in the poo tank dragging out a defunct pump. He was less than amused! As it was, he then spent a chunk of the day taking in all the loungers from the beach also the tables and chairs from the bar. 

After a somewhat later breakfast and some loafing around chatting, I came back to spend time on my deck with the laptop. There is a block of time missing somewhere along the line. Later, I decided to fix some of the broken plastic ties which hold up the cables distributing the Internet around the camping. Naturally, seeing me up a ladder, someone had to phone Georgia who immediately wished to know what I was doing. I explained the new concept of fixing something BEFORE it actually breaks without using the word ‘maintenance’ for which there is no equivalent in the Greek Language. She then asked me to check out all the various other overheads including the cable, still dangling through the tree, which provides the important power to the poo pump. And the main power supply which goes to the lower part of the camping. This is a particularly unsightly overhead line supported on some huge former electricity poles. Unfortunately, the one on the corner is standing at an odd angle through being incorrectly supported. It all needs taking down and shoving underground.

I fixed all the important cables which supplied Internet to me and took Luis with me to have tea and cake with Ursula and Tony. The two of us took Heidi and Luis onto the beach then I sloped off to walk all the others. They are all tucked up and properly covered. Poor Pea had his own swimming pool when I let him out this morning as he is in a transit box with a large sheet over the top. Tonight he has two large blocks on the sheet and it covers all the slots in the sides of the box. Fido has got the hang of the Boris house and seems comfortable enough. At one point today he and Pea were both in there.

There is a storm lurking around in the Mediterranean, of that there is little doubt. There are many who feel it will come to Crete, however, I cannot see any evidence to support that theory at this time. There is going to be some wind and a similar quantity of rain, like today, but not the level of devastation envisaged. I feel some people may have got their knickers in a twist for nothing but we’ll see soon enough. The level of preparedness is very impressive as tent customers have even been moved into rooms at reception for no extra charge!!!!

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