So, where’s the MediCane?

After our lie-in yesterday, we were out at the normal time this morning. Ursula ahead of me, just for a change, as I had to dig the dogs out of their covered cages. Oskar, Luis and Pea are in accommodation which is not really intended for heavy rain. Not any rain for that matter. To prevent rain from entering, I cover the crates at night when rain is imminent. In fact, I was watching TV last night and Luis started making a racket. I’d not heard the rain on the roof so it was only after I went out to tend to him that I discovered his reason for being noisy. I covered all three of them and there was silence until morning.

The lagoon was full of water as the sea was not only breaking over the lowest point but into other areas too. There is a lower area of rocks which feeds a small river which runs into the lagoon. I didn’t attempt to take the dogs along the rocks this morning but satisfied myself by standing up watching, hearing and smelling the waves as they crashed against the rocks. The vibrations from the rocks as the waves come in, adds another dimension to the experience.

We satisfied ourselves with a little wander around to the higher point so we could look down towards the sea, then around to the Small Beach. Ursula too Princess up to the meeting point to wait for the dogs as they arrived.

It was still very dark as I went for my run and there was some strong wind buffeting me on the outbound leg. I discovered rocks and mud across the road washed down from the mountains. It was only later that I learned there had been a further 15mm rain just before midnight. Previously, I would wake up with the the sound of rain on the van roof. Now that there is the upper roof, I sleep blissfully on.

I went for a shower to discover there was also no water. A wander to the main hydrant confirmed this to be a general problem. I have bottles of water for filling the dogs’ bowls and a couple of other bottles  loafing around so we were able to have tea as usual. In my smelly state, I rode to Paleochora and apologised to anyone I met. This is some water now but insufficient pressure for a shower. I should imagine some pump has failed which is not a good thing on a weekend.

Breakfast was outside with the sound of crashing waves in the background. It was warm and sunny with intermittent clouds. Back just in time from my weekly phone call which lasted considerably less than the previous week.

Some emails needed answering as well as one to Liz about her Internet connection and the possibility of streaming video over VPN from remote locations.

I visited Janne and Erica to monitor the progress of the flower trough project. Janne is constructing wheeled troughs to give them a little more privacy seeing as they now rent the entire area from the camping. Soon after I arrived, Georgia’s envoy, in the form of Dimitris, was sent to ask Janne what he was doing. Georgia, via her local mouthpiece, expressed her concern that Janne was doing things without her knowledge. It would appear that she’d been making use of their security camera to monitor their area. She was unassuaged by Janne’s entreaties that the items were not fixed and would be in position only for the duration of their visit. She spouted on about fire hazards and access for contractors in case she needed to attend to the water pipes which run through their plot. All this despite the fact that Janne has screwed up the removable panels of HIS fence, I have a wire fence on my side and the network cables which serve the camping cameras are fixed and cross the patch too. Any large machine would destroy the carob trees and take down the overhead cable which is far too low anyway. Naturally, these factors do not fit in with the story so are conveniently overlooked. We have decided that I should remove their camera from the network and go only through my recorder which is currently broken. I leave the reader to draw their only conclusions regarding the state of mind of the various actors.

The threatened MediCane has not appeared nor has the high winds or heavy rain forecast by WindFinder and WU. The day has had its fair share of showers but has otherwise been warm and sunny. There is still no water pressure for a decent shower!


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