I’m off to the airport soon…

Oskar has no respect for Sunday mornings so decided to give me an early call at 03:35, about an hour before my usual rising time. Nevertheless, I got back to sleep.

It was cloudy at 04:30 but that didn’t stop the moon from doing its best in between times. Both Fido and Luis chased their ball and Fido seemed to be creating an underground labyrinth. Not a first for Crete. The sea was still quite active, still breaking over the rocks and there was a lot of water in the lagoon. We went the other way today.

Nothing notable about my run or Ursula’s Pilates other than the fact that Ursula had to retreat inside and I got wet. She was on her mat, staring at the stars above while listening to music on her headphones. The next minute, she was being doused with water from above. I just contented myself with getting wet. Sadly, the water was still off and so was a shower.

I had a couple of little IT jobs before rushing off to Paleochora. It didn’t take long as I was only visiting the bakery today as I needed nothing from the supermarket. After breakfast, I went back for some general relaxation and a few other little jobs.

I took the mixer to Ursula as I went down to drop off a few things to Ξ4, the wooden cabin next to Ursula and Tony. This will be the abode of Eleanor for the next few nights. I’m sure she will soon work out how to jiggle the lock and deal with the sticky door. She should be comfortable enough there as she has two beds to choose from.

We had tea and some of Ursula’s latest cakes. She also gave some to the German family in T3 nearby. They had been for a family outing up the Anydri Gorge to a meal in the restaurant. They enjoyed the gorge and the food.

I checked the tyre pressures on Sascha’s car and pumped up the driver’s side front which was a little low. I suspected something when I was driving it the other day playing hunt the Tony in the mountains. All pumped up and ready to roll when we set off for the airport. ‘We’ are Fido and I. He can get a little silly so I’ve decided to take him with me.

The mosquitoes are eating my legs which are now fresh and clean as I’ve had a hot shower. Whatever was depriving the area of water for the past day or so has now been fixed. We can wash again!

Off now to Manolis’ petrol station and then the airport.


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