Eight for tonight

Even though the flight was delayed, it arrived almost on time so I was not waiting long at the airport. Fido had time for a wander around the car park and that was about it. We waited a few minutes before Eleanor arrived and then started on the way back to Grammeno.

Fido settled down in the passenger footwell with Eleanor and we made our way slowly through the mountains. We arrived at Grammeno just before 01:00 whereupon I showed Eleanor to her cabin before going to bed.

I managed to get up at 04:30 despite my lack of sleep. The morning walk was fairly uneventful and we were back in good time. I ran, had a warmish shower followed by a cup of tea. After my trip to Paleochora, we had breakfast followed by a tour of the camping for Eleanor. She met all the dogs and there was very little barking. Oskar of course being the exception.

I got on with some emails while Eleanor and Charlie went for a walk on the Promontory with Heidi, Ursula and Tony.

Later, we went to Houmas for lunch with Janne and Erica. There followed a paddle for Eleanor as she and I walked back to Grammeno. We then took the dogs for the evening walk.

In the evening we came together for some rice and spinach as the spinach was in need of eating. Heidi barked at something outside the compound which turned out to be a stray. He is now in the storeroom and see what tomorrow brings.


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