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Despite going to bed at 21:00, I was woken only by the alarm. More complicated because my phone was charging on the decking and my watch was on charge inside. Normally, the phone alarm plays on the watch and it can be turned off by the watch. Not so if it’s on charge.

The walk we fine. Luis was a little laid back and certainly not up for chasing a ball. Likewise Fido, except he didn’t even go on the walk. We were back a little late as Ursula and I were chatting.

I ran and went into Paleochora. The scales in the veg section of the supermarket were not working properly necessitating the operator weighing and writing down the price on a piece of paper. Very intensive so there must have been queues later in the day. Ursula said they’d got it fixed when she went in.

I passed a photo of Other Dog to Yannis as he knows everyone. He has already been posted on FaceBook. Yannis says he’ll print a copy of the photo and stick it in the window of the shop. I will contact Heike as she has lots of doggy people pass through her pet shop.

Other Dog, Heidi and Luis joined us for breakfast and everyone behaved mostly well.

Ursula took Eleanor and Tony to Azogires where they had fun together. See Ursula’s blog for their visit. I cooked up loads of vegetables and tried to make something interesting to eat. I rather misjudged the quantities as I have five additional containers in the freezer now. Soon, there will be more of my stuff in the freezer than anything else. I suspect much of what is there dates back to the summer when people left the camping without remembering their cooler blocks and the bottles of water they stuffed in the freezer. I will have plenty of meals in the bank.

I didn’t manage to finish the blog last night as I fell asleep with my laptop perched on to of my chest. I woke up later to discover it still on my chest and telling me it was 00:45. At that point, I pushed it to the side and went to sleep.

Other Dog has, so far been confined to the storeroom or tied up outside Eleanor’s cabin. For the first two nights in the storeroom, he was perfectly quiet. He had his bowl of water and food also his great stack of hay left over from last winter. (Obi is dreaming noisily).

I decided that he should be integrated with the others as Dimitis and Maria had been visiting the storeroom quite a lot. Trying to navigate a dog with a large table between two people is not the easiest task in the world. 

I waited until Janne and Erica had gone out before bringing him into the main compound as I was sure there would be plenty of barking from The Pack. I was not wrong, however Other Dog was soon integrated with Princess and then Luis, in the larger of the two inner compounds. Luis with Fido is a completely different prospect to Luis on his own. Other Dog is fairly substantial and larger than Luis who is generally a windbag. Luis saw that he was not going to make any inroads so decided to settle down instead.

From then on, things were generally quiet with only occasional outbursts. I was trying to cook to a deadline so didn’t really need to have dogs barking. Janne and Erica returned from their cycle ride to Krios Beach which they said appeared to be very calm despite the recent stormy weather.

Eleanor, Ursula and Tony were scheduled to come for supper but I wanted to get the dogs out for their evening walk and to get them used to having Other Dog with them. Eleanor volunteered to help me walk them around the Promontory on the lead. The plan was that she should take Other Dog and I would take the remainder. I let Charlie off once we were on the Promontory as he is generally sensible.

Once we arrived at the sandy bit of the Promontory, we moved the dogs slowly together keeping them on the lead. The idea is to get them used to each other. This went quite well but darkness was descending so we decided to start back to await the invited guests.

I fed the dogs and put them away, Other Dog into the storeroom. Eleanor and Ursula arrived however Tony had decided he was only fit for bed so didn’t come.

We enjoyed the meal but were all quite tired so didn’t stay up late. Other Dog had not been able to settle as he resented the fact that he had been confined to the storeroom and not been with us. Fortunately, he went to sleep fairly soon after I went to bed giving us all a peaceful night.

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