ThirdEye for a super supper!

Two Super Suppers in a row! Last night we had a lovely meal prepared by Ursula: mushroom stifado (stew – the Greek sounds more exotic maybe). Tonight we went to ThirdEye in Paleochora. As I may have mentioned before, the restaurant is run by a New Zealand/Greek family and is also employing Martin’s son James who has worked the season there and spared the Grammeno kitchen. It was an excellent meal. Ursula and I decided on the curry which, although spicy was not excessively so. Eleanor and Tony had Boureki and Mousaka and decided to share it between them. We also had a ThirdEye salad: they kindly removed the cheese and dressing to make it vegan-friendly and put them on the side. Considering we had four mains, two beers, one desert as well as the included one, for four people, I felt it was extremely good value at 55€ including gratuity.

There was a brief rain shower as I was about to get out of bed this morning so I hesitated a few moments. I’d already been up at 00:55 to let OddJob (Other Dog) out of his house. It was his first night being incarcerated in a house so required some readjustment. I let him out and left him out. He was wandering around in the run this morning and didn’t make any noise during the night.

This walk was the third walk with eight plus one dogs. I took the precaution of keeping Oskar and Fido on the lead with Ursula but we still had one very brief event triggered by Obi (the Little Angel). The riot was soon quelled and we carried on our walk. Given that Princess and Pea remained in the main compound for the first two weeks without going on walks, this is the express service.

After run, tea, cycle, shopping and breakfast, Eleanor and I took Fido and Oskar with OddJob onto the Promontory and the rocks. The aim of the walk was twofold: to inspect the various geological attributes of the Promontory and allow Oskar and Fido to get used to the company of OddJob. No incidents of a doggy nature, only a few spots of rain. It was quite warm and sunny when we got back.

I have completed some small IT tasks today as well as some other little jobs. Janne and Erica have been more busy since they have been stripping off the palm leaves which cover the upper ‘roof’ above their caravan. They have been cleaning the van roof too. I could see Janne on the roof as we walked in and out of the gate onto the field.

I encountered Antonis as I was cycling from the supermarket towards Grammeno. He enquired as to his van roof construction and its ability to survive the recent rain and high winds. He updated me regarding the prospective land purchase. He says he thinks he knows both owners and will be contacting one to see if he’s interested in selling his land. It appears he bought the land to build some villas but then didn’t have the money to complete the project. He may be up for selling.

Before going out to Paleochora, we took the dogs onto the Promontory for the Evening Walk. On the way, we bumped into a Swiss woman who had stayed at the camping with her daughter and granddaughter. She told me that she had been distracted by a couple of children soliciting money and food. Meanwhile, someone opened the sliding door of her VW van and made off with her bag containing money, passport, driver’s license, cards etc etc. She was pretty unimpressed. She says she will come to the camping to see me tomorrow to catch up.

It’s now 23:00, I’m sitting out on the decking and my eyelids are getting heavier…


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