Another Ursula culinary masterpiece!

This evening, I provided the venue, however, it was Ursula who provided the most scrumptious meal ever! Potato wedges prepared in the Air Fryer, wonderful large black beans in a most delicious sauce and artichokes with peas in the pan. So much food! Try as I might, I just could not do it justice. There was also a salad with fresh avocado courtesy of the German family in T3, who left around midday. It was yet another wild evening of debauchery as we were still going strong right up until 21:30!

Another calm walk this morning with no unforeseen incidents. Oskar, Fido and Luis were walked on the lead and I was monitoring the others quite closely. A bit like a crowd of protesters, it only takes a moment for everything to go out of control.

The morning proceeded in the usual way: Early Walk, Pilates, Run, Shower, Beverages, Cycle ride, Bakery, Supermarket and breakfast.

The sun shone, children played on the beach, the German family left from T3, 

Peter, the guy with the motorhome who was taken ill, is back but in T1. I then understood he was going to take T3 until April. He was slightly unimpressed to discover that the kitchen window was not keen on closing and cooking was not permitted in the vans. At this point I absented myself and suggested he contact Georgia.

The lady who lost all her money came calling this afternoon to find out about staying at the camping in the winter season. We had a good chat.

Eleanor and I took the dogs for the evening walk, fed and put them to bed

All in all, it was a pretty easy day!


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