Packing up

It was not an easy night as the dogs were restless. I heard there were some noisy motorcycles around which may have had something to do with it. Not that I was awake for long periods just that there seemed to be lots of wakeful moments with me going shhhhh to the dogs.

I had to get up to OddJob as he’d run out of water, however, he settled down once he had more. He likes to take out his bowl and bury it at the back of the house just to make it more interesting for me.

The walk was quiet and subdued. We’ll have a go at letting them off the lead when I get back but things seem reasonably calm at present so it should be reasonable for Ursula whilst I’m away.

There was the usual morning program followed by some office work and getting stuff ready for departure. DVLA license sharing code and that kind of thing. I managed to get some clothes in the machine as well as my bedding. Everything is dry and most things have been put away making it almost comfortable to sit around under the canopy whilst I’m away.

Sundry emails reminded me to catch my plane and pick up my rental car from South Terminal. The plan is to leave around 10:30 to allow for a gentle drive through the mountains and a leisurely arrival at the airport with plenty of time to spare. My aim is to do all the usual things in the morning just with shorter gaps between them. If I can close my Move and Exercise circles, this would leave only the Stand. It’s not so easy to accomplish your fitness goals when there’s so much travelling. Two hours in the car, two hours in the airport, four hours on the plain etc…

I had a brief chat with Maria and told her that I suspected she would not be working at Grammeno for the season next year. I also mentioned I’d asked Georgia what her plans were should Maria leave. I’m not sure how much thinking ahead Georgia does and I know that Maria’s duties are varied and important as she looks after more than just the bookings. Maria seemed to have been caught off guard by the directness of my questions and perhaps surprised I was thinking along those lines. She said she needed the money whereupon I replied that perhaps her happiness is more important.

We’d decided on a last trip to Sto Scolio in Anydri so went off in the Mitsubishi together with Heidi in the boot. I’d scraped out the Fido sick from the previous week. It had solidified onto the floor. A little more with a stiff brush and a hoover when I get back I suspect. Ursula was chief orderer and chose a good selection of dishes which we shared. The restaurant was not full but steady.

Back at the camping we got ready for the evening walk. Eleanor and I left via the field gate whilst Ursula, Tony and Heidi walked over the beach. I never actually saw Tony as Ursula said that he’d disappeared.

The dogs were fed and put to bed so I gathered up my stuff and tried to get organised for the trip to Lewes in the morning. A brief phone call earlier confirmed that tomorrow and Wednesday would be fine with rain forecast for the other days. Gleefully, Ursula announced that it would be raining in Crete as soon as I got back. Great! Cold rain followed by warm rain!


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