Back in the USSR

Not quite the USSR as that no longer exists, however I’m now back in UK.

I compressed the habitual morning routine to be ready to leave for the airport around 10:30. We pulled out of the camping at 10:45 but soon discovered there was no hurry as the flight had a 29 minute delay.

Eleanor took in the sights as we went through the mountains as she saw nothing other than darkness when she arrived. Our journey was uneventful so we were at the airport in very good time. The car was parked opposite the arrivals so we crossed the road and went straight to security and passport control. The airport was in turmoil due to extensive internal remodelling which dramatically changed the geography. There seemed to be no central destination board to I headed to Gate 12 from where we left last time. The seating and lounge were packed so we sat on boxes of drink in the corridor outside one on the small shops.

The plane left late as expected however we made up time during the flight. I’d equipped myself with loads of videos only to be sitting next to a woman who’d been on a walking holiday for two weeks. We got talking about food for a while and got to talk about alternative diets. Long story short, we parted with her saying she felt empowered and motivated to make change.

Our Corser was waiting at EuroCar so we headed to Lewes. I dropped Eleanor near her meeting and went to Greyfriars. We did a lot of catching up so I didn’t bother with Tesco. There is always the morning for shopping.

I’m now comfortably in bad and will soon fall asleep.…


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