Day 1 UK

I woke up early and decided to go for a run even though it seemed to be very dark outside and wholly uninviting. I ran the same route as last time which takes me up to Juggs Road via a steep hill. As I may have mentioned, it was very dark and I had about my person only a flashing armband and red flashing torch. Due to the amount of darkness, it was quite difficult to make out the way ahead from the gate onto the field at the top of the climb. The grass either side of the path was significantly longer than that of the path however, my torch was significantly dim not to be able to differentiate between the two. My shoes were squelching as I wandered about aimlessly in the gloom. The distant silhouette of the windmill stood out against the sky despite the fog and the mist on my glasses. Eventually, I managed to find the way down to the road which passes in front of the houses and then to the main road.

The hill was steeper than I remembered it but far less steep when going up. It was very foggy going through the village and then down towards Stanley Turner. I eventually arrived back at Glebe Close and there were certainly no records broken on this occasion.

The house was still quiet so I decided a quick visit to Tesco might be preferable to getting a shower. I bought a supply of breakfast fruit and nets and returned to find a little more activity. I got my shower and then prepared some breakfast. Jemma  and Ed were there so we had a chat before I departed on a mission to The Brighton Apple Store to pick up my new iPhone XS Max.

The train ran to time so I made my way to the store to pick up my phone. The transaction was swift so I was soon making my way up Queen’s Road to the station. I decided to return to Glebe Close to transfer over the data from one phone to another. It was a painless process other than it appeared to take forever to move all the Activity data. Everything eventually installed so I made my way to Greyfriars before departing to Hindhead to see Rodney and Andrea.

Eleanor, Jemma and Ed had already visited so I didn’t hang around for too long. The hairdresser arrived so I went out as she came in. I didn’t want to be late in Hindhead.

There was little traffic once I quit  the A27 and remainder of the journey was speedy except for a quick stop in Tesco Haslemere.

Andrea and Rodney were both at home so I was quickly whisked off out into the woods to see the progress there. There has been a lot of tidying up, the hens seemed in good shape as well as the ducks.

We chatted and Andrea blew out the candles on her birthday cake. We ate well as usual and chatted on for a while. I eventually left around 23:15 but felt quite tired and needed to stop as I had discovered that the watch and the phone were out of synch. For some reason, the Stand circle was not updating and time was heading towards midnight. I didn’t wish my data to get muddled up seeing as I currently have a long streak of completed circles.

I decided to stop and have an hour’s sleep as I was too tired to continue. I eventually arrive back in Glebe Close after 02:00. I was not long getting to bed!


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