Day 2 UK

I woke up somewhat later than usual so managed to run in daylight for a change. The children were not yet going to school, the grass was dry and there was no fog. Again, no records were broken.

Following a shower and some breakfast I went to Clive’s office as he’d called to say his phone lines had been disconnected. He was surprised that I was in UK. We had a chat and then I wandered to Greyfriars just in time for lunch! I went to Cook and got myself a Thai vegetable curry and rice. It was very nice.

After lunch, I fixed the door bell and associated the Bluedio speaker with Mo’s iPad. We played some music and chatted until around 17:30 whereupon I relocated to LBS to install Simon’s main computer. I am also ripping loads of classical music to put online. This computer is not very quick so it’s taking a while.

I have a few more CDs to rip and then I think I will make my way back to Glebe Close for an early trip to bed!


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