Mo’s UnBirthday

The carpet of autumn leaves was a pleasant start to a dry and bright day.

As Albert Camus said:

“Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower”

My 6.48km took me a whole 45:32 which is too long. It was light today as I woke up a lot later. I was able to admire the view from Jugg’s Road as I jogged past the windmill towards the houses which line the track down to the main road through Kingston. There’s a good long run down the hill where I was able to make up some time after the slow plod up the other side.

It was early enough to miss the school run so I didn’t have to breathe in the NOX from the parental 4x4s as they dropped their children at Kingston and Iford Primary School. The hedges still need trimming to avoid having to step out into the road. The footpaths have been recently re-tarmaced but their surface is uneven when it’s dark or foggy.

I got a shower and had breakfast before heading into town to see Mr Lawrence at his office. I’d been in the day before to reinstall Windows 10 but there were a number of items left undone. One thing lead to another so I was still there at 12:40.

I rushed down to Greyfriars to be able to walk over to Aqua across the road. They seated us by the window so we could view the passers-by. It was a good lunch and I shared a stuffed Portabello mushroom with my dad. He had some of my mushroom risotto. Eleanor and Mo enjoyed some baked Cod.

Most of the afternoon was spent at Greyfriars. I left around 17:30 to go back to Mr Lawrence’s office to dismantle a PC for scrap and carry on ripping CDs. There are quite a few more CDs to rip!

A message from Eleanor reminded me that there was full-house at Glebe Close so I made my way back for cake-spitting. Anyone unsure about the provenance of the expression ‘cake spitting’ need only witness young children blowing out their birthday candles. All of Eleanor’s ‘children’ were present plus Ed’s girlfriend Gemma. They were eating mystery-bags (AKA sausages), baked potatoes and baked beans –  a worthy inducement to attend a function.

Gemma had been busy in the kitchen earlier and had prepared a gluten-free cake, with three layers, awash with chocolate. Very kindly, she had also prepared some vegan brownies which were most delicious. Mother blew out her candles so we all sat down to cake and fruit.

Eleanor drove Emily to the station, as she needed to be back in London. She did a separate run to Greyfriars later.

The true birthday event is to follow tomorrow.


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