Final Day

Eleanor got in late following a long evening with a client. I just remember the landing light going out. The next action was to go for my last UK autumn run for 2018. It was light, it had been raining so everything smelled of damp leaves. Not an unpleasant experience. No records again today.

I drove down to Greyfriars to collect mother to take her to St Pancras. The plan then was to go on the long-awaited visit of Cuilfail. We drove slowly around the estate checking the names and location of the houses and noting the newer ones. We agreed that they had generally made a pretty good job. From Cuilfail, we went to Juggs Road to look at the houses there and Nan Kemp’s Corner. We then popped across the road to look at the windmill. The next stop was the top of Jugg’s Lane which comes up from Southover, where I had been running earlier. By this time we needed to go back to St Pancras to pick up mother.

Back to Greyfriars where I made myself a quick lunch from some frozen Tesco curried veg. Not bad for supermarket food I suppose. I needed to get to the airport to return the car so left just before 13:30 as I needed to fill the car with fuel.

It started to rain as I drove up the A23 to Gatwick. I dropped off the car, went through security and sat in the departure lounge with the other passengers. With Speedy Boarding, I was one of the first onto the plane so had plenty of room for my two bags. The plane left late but arrived more or less on time. I still had some catching up to do so wandered around Souda airport to close my rings before heading for Grammeno.

The dogs were quiet and all except OddJob remained so as I unpacked my cases. 


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