Two weeks on

I arrived back at Grammeno around 00:35 and unpacked my cases before going to bed. Ursula had kindly left me some wonderful almond cookies which I felt might spoil if left overnight. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep.

The alarm went off at 04:30 but it took me a little while to get going. I rounded up all the dogs and staggered out to meet up with Ursula at the end of the Promontory. I wasn’t feeling all the bright due to lack of sleep and from sitting in a plane for over four hours the day before.

I managed to run and cycle to Paleochora. The nice young lady at the bakery had missed seeing me running in the morning. I explained that the pastry I purchased each day was not for me but for a friend. I told her that I’d been back to UK for a few days.

After the bakery, I went to see Yannis at the supermarket. He was keen to take a look at the iPhone XS Max. I wonder how long it will be before he has one too? I bought some fruit, cycled back to the camping, delivered the pastry then made my breakfast which I ate with Tony and Ursula. I was enjoying the warm sunshine when the phone went with a call from Furniture Helpline regarding their server. It had mysteriously contracted a virus so I was asked to get the data and clean it.

Most of the remainder of the day was spent on this job other than a brief restore of EG Enterprise accounts from backup. Mondays can be like that.

I helped finish off the remainder of the cookies with a cup of tea before leaving to take out the dogs with Ursula for the evening walk. We decided to be brave and try letting OddJob of the lead so that he could go out to play with a selected group. It’s almost two weeks now so he is somewhat more integrated than before I went away. This is mainly due to the efforts of Ursula who swapped him around in carefully arranged groups during my absence. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do the same in the morning, perhaps swapping them over at half-time.

It was a quiet evening in with a lentil salad kindly supplied by Ursula for my return in case I was hungry. It was just the job with an extra twenty-four hours maturity.

I’m still fooling around with data backups but intend to go to bed very soon.

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