End of the viruses?

OddJob was off the lead right from the start again today and we appear to have survived without serious incident. All except Fido having a bit of a go at Obi for some reason. Fido is a jealous dog and resents Obi being with me when he is confined to the pen with the others.

The walk out of the way, I ran but was back before 07:00 to enjoy a cold shower in the main bathrooms. After a cup of tea, I cycled in to Paleochora for the daily pastry and some vegetables. The beetroot are in the Instant Pot as I write. I decided I wanted to have plenty of vegetables this evening.

After breakfast in the usual company, I went on with the virus cleaning operation at Furniture Helpline. We exchanged a number of emails discussing how they could improve their present system and obtain faster Internet access. This is not the first time we have had this conversation but I’m hoping they take the recent experience seriously to make changes.

Other than FHL, I had a support call from LBS as their database had become corrupted. They have a good system that allows them to unpick stuff on an hourly basis and is easy to manage and restore a file. They also have a further backup.

Tea with Tony and Ursula after 17:00 and a quick chat with Georgia. She had come to inspect progress on the tidy-up operations in the bar, restaurant and kitchens. She was entertaining me with a description of her latest ailment, but before she was able to give me the doctor’s diagnosis I interrupted her with mine – stress. No need to see an expensive cardiologist, come and see me instead! She was also telling be there would definitely be no Albanians even though she’d received countless enquiries from prospective customers. The jury is still out on that one. I wouldn’t put money on not having some Albanians on the camping before the winter’s out.

The evening dog walk went without incident although OddDog tries to pester Fido who manages to resist rising to the bait. OddJob and Fido need to sort things out so that we all know where we are in the doggy hierarchy so can move on. One good fight should settle things. So long as they don’t all pile on at once!

My beetroot has, I think, cooked so I need to prepare the remainder of the salad. Ursula is promising chestnuts and peas tomorrow night so she may not have any time to produce banana bread following my subtle provision of a bunch of bananas and a packet of oats. Who says I’m obvious?


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