There could be trouble ahead…

My slumbers were again disrupted by OddJob barking at 04:00. The trouble is, if he doesn’t respond to me going shhhhhh from my bed, by the time you’ve got up to tell him off face-to-face, you might just as well get up! He eventually shut up so I grabbed another ten minutes before my 04:30 alarm.

The clouds put paid to any serious star-gazing as only the stronger objects were easily visible. The moon is still nowhere to be seen in the morning. The dogs played, Fido growled at OddJob: OddJob growled back. Those two need to sort things out, but nowhere near me!

We wandered about a bit as the dogs were uninterested in the balls and seemed pretty lethargic altogether. We went back to the camping for the normal morning routine. The difference today was that Obi joined me for my run so has spent much of the day resting. He kept going for the entire 6km but required more encouragement as the run progressed.

When I went to Paleochora, I decided to try to run OddJob beside my bike thinking that a 9km run might make him less bouncy. His pace was not rapid, so it took around twice as long to complete the morning ride. Plenty of people took interest in him but no one knew who he belongs to.

From the cool and cloudy beginning, the day warmed up to a high of 25.7℃ and it’s still 22.7℃ as I write this at 19:54. There is bad weather forecast as you can tell for yourself.

WU 10 day forecast report

Ursula’s family arrive on Sunday afternoon for a three-day, half-term stay. We keep hoping that things will improve before Sunday.

My day was peaceful and the only real activity was to order an indestructible case to protect my new iPhone investment. Things have moved on a long way since Orange exchanged a damaged phone for a new one as part of the contract. Inevitably, customers took advantage of the service and claimed frivolous replacements. Nowadays, you have to pay somewhere around £7 per month insurance for your Smartphone and more for premium models. There are also conditions on the type and number of claims. The alternative is to buy a decent case and look after it: the route I have chosen. My phone was bought outright so is not on a contract anyway. O2 wanted another £160 above the already high purchase price, for the pleasure of a twenty-four-month payment scheme.

I have reheated the left-overs from Ursula’s splendid rice and artichoke meal last night and it is sitting awaiting me in the Instant Pot. A zero-minute pressure cook followed by a natural pressure-release should do the trick. The mosquitoes are eating me too!


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