At least it’s warm

I was surprised when I went out of the van to tell OddJob off around 04:15. He has his own watch as he makes noise alway around 04:00 onwards. Fine if you’re an early riser which I figure I must be. He stopped yapping until I started to get the other ready to go out of the gate, then he barked. A silly mistake seeing I was so close by. I grabbed up a bottle of water and proceeded to give him an early morning shower about which he was unimpressed.

The walk continued as always and Ursula was waiting at the end of the Promontory. OddJob makes his way there immediately which is good as this lets Fido off the hook, at least temporarily. I thought, at one point, we were going to get a showdown between OddJob and Fido but it came to nothing.

Back to the camping for Pilates, run for OddJob and me, followed by shower and tea then cycle to Paleochora on my own. This morning I got a Special Pizza for Tony in an attempt to vary the fare. I need to check with Ursula whether he liked it as I received no direct feedback.

Soon after breakfast, it was time for the weekly phone call which was followed by some gentle meditation in the sun. The remainder of the afternoon consisted of small jobs which included changing the spray nozzle on the hosepipe.

After tea and cake, Ursula and I took out the dogs for the evening walk and I brought them all back so that she could get back to take Tony out for supper. Apparently, they enjoyed another meal at ThirdEye last night and I was able to pass on their appreciation to the proprietor at the supermarket this morning.

The Instant Pot is defrosting and reheating some of Ursula’s most excellent big bean stew which she had put into the freezer in the Central Kitchen.


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