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Fido was the culprit last night as he decided to wake me at 01:00 with some very noisy barking. Luis had already made a noise around 23:45, but shut up. Fido received the collar award and things remained quiet until 04:15 when OddJob decided it was his turn. Better than yesterday but still ended up with him receiving an early morning shower. Maybe one day he’ll get the message…

Ursula was at her station, as usual, responding to messages from her daughters who were mobilising their families to go to the airport for their flights to Chania. They were due to land around 13:00 and expected to arrive around 15:00.

The dogs were lethargic although I had some takers for the ball. We moved around a bit instead to enable OddJob to concentrate on something other than winding-up Fido. Back at the camping, we were on the usual routine but slightly earlier perhaps. I ran alone and went to Paleochora alone with just my bike for company. Yannis was running so there were the two ladies on the checkouts. I’m reliably informed that the store will be open next Sunday despite it being Οχι Day which is a holiday accompanied by processions and other celebrations. It is also the third birthday of the ‘puppies’. Doesn’t time fly!

I departed after breakfast to get on with sorting out my canopy and awning tent. I needed to put up some more awning rail and work out a way to thread the top and the side of the tent sides into the frame. I have found a way and both sides and the front are now in position. There are small adjustments required but at least the canopy area is fairly waterproof if the forecast rain occurs on Tuesday morning. I have also put down the floor all ready for the colder weather. I need to find a way to seal the gaps between the van and the canopy. Rain should not enter but it is open at the top and both sides. I will come up with a flexible way to join the two. This is necessary as the van moves when it’s windy.

My corn on the cob has now cooked and I have just heard the pressure valve drop down in the Instant Pot. I shall now remove the cob and put in some courgettes which have been lurking in my fridge for several days.


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