A lovely sunset: as for the rest…

Rain started to fall just after midnight and I was not alerted to the fact until I heard it really pounding down on the metal roof above at around 02:00. I jumped out of bed to close the awning tent door but water had already been driven in by the southeasterly wind. There was a good display of thunder and lightning but I retired back to bed. Around 28mm rain fell between midnight and 03:00.

At 04:25 my alarm sounded so I listened to hear if there was any rain outside. The Early Walk was dry and there were even some stars. The almost full moon struggled to shine through the clouds so it was possible to see without the need for a torch. The dogs were more animated and even played ball: mostly Luis and a couple of the others. Even Heidi went after the ball despite her vigorous day before. We called a halt and walked back to the camping, me via the rocks and Ursula over the sand. We marshalled the dogs by the Big Rock beforehand.

The alarm which signals pump failure in the poo tank was sounding as I awoke so I have no idea about what time it started. I hesitated to call Maria as I reckoned that what you don’t know about, you can’t worry about. She finally appeared to deal with the racket as I returned from my shower sometime after 7 am. I’d already been for a run, unsuccessfully dodging the various puddles along the way. My shoes and socks were wet before I left so had nicely warmed up. Still, it’s all part of the fun. Maria was talking to Georgia on the phone – the price you pay for lack of initiative! I got Maria to fetch the keys to the workshop so that I could pull out the plug from the control panel. She’d planned to isolate the electricity supply for half the camping!

Ursula had tried to do her pilates on the soggy decking but was interrupted by rain so repaired inside. She was dozing gently as I entered the compound but went off to fetch her grandchildren once I returned, as they wished to see the dogs before they left for home back in UK.

I got some tea and checked how my lightning results were doing overnight. It will take a while for me to get the setting just right. Too sensitive and they pick up every electrical discharge nearby, otherwise they miss out on the more distant strikes. I don’t think there are too many stations in North Africa so it’s worth me being able to capture strikes over there to complete the picture.

The day continued wet, dull and miserable. I did not cycle to Paleochora so had to make up using the Evening Walk in order to close my Rings. Intermittent rain continued until 17:00 whereupon there was even a little sunlight over the distant mountains.

I took the dogs on a rapid walk where all were let loose. I surmised that there would be no one out walking on such a day. We were out and back in just over twenty-five minutes which included a dash over the rocks and a bark at the individuals skulking there. I should not be surprised if we find them there in the morning. I could not think of more unpleasant conditions to spend the night. They’ll be delighted at 04:45!

My latest freezer meal is reheating in the Instant Pot as I’m trying to reduce my freezer footprint and remove some of the backlog. The plan is to get organised for the winter and do some batch cooking for those colder days.

I expect Ursula is missing having her children and grandchildren here and probably now looking forward more favourably to her return to UK. There is little to choose at the moment where the weather is concerned. He family have not had good weather but, in true British fashion, have made the best of it.


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