A beautiful morning

After a slight false start of a few large drops of rain falling, we got underway. It was an almost cloudless sky with a nearly full moon, much higher in the sky than yesterday. It was possible to see without a torch once the initial clipping on had been completed. Luis was the star of the show as, despite a fatal injury to his right-hind leg, he forgot all about it in order to chase his ball around on the rocky surface of the lagoon. 

Despite being given their freedom the previous evening, Obi and Princess remained captives once more. The people who we saw from a distance yesterday evening are camping in one of the favourite places on the Promontory. It is sheltered but near the shore. A perfect location. Camping at the end of October requires some concentration, especially when there is a cold, northerly wind about. Still, the other dogs took no notice of the FreeLoaders and we returned to the camping.

I ran and Ursula did her pilates inside due to the dampness of the decking outside. No starry sky or moon to enjoy to help to pass the time. I ran under the moonlight which was a very pleasant experience. Being able to see where I’m going and to enjoy the general ambiance.

The showers were hot as was the tea after. I cycled into Paleochora as I had very little food remaining. The previous day it was raining and I didn’t shop the two before that. A miscalculation on my part! Yannis showed me numerous photos of the run on Sunday. He was there with his six-year-old niece who received a prize for being the youngest participant. I’m not so sure that the running is the major part of the event as I understand there was a great deal of eating and beer-drinking after the event. They were extremely fortunate with the weather seeing as the next few days were wet and cool.

Breakfast followed and then I departed to do some gentle chores which included a little sitting in the sun. It was only when I was sitting with Ursula and Tony after tea in the afternoon, did I remember how arduous it was to have to sit outside when there is a cold northerly wind. Ursula was all wrapped up and looked a little like the Michelin man due to all the layers. I know how to flatter!

I took the dogs for their evening run around the Promontory. Obi and Princess were released even though I knew the FreeLoaders were present. Princess made it her life’s work to go straight to them to bark at them and I needed to retrieve Obi from the camping after the walk as he was in the process of visiting everyone.

Supper is ready and it’s chilly outside in the tent!


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