Never write your blog when you’re in bed!

Another riotous Friday evening at Grammeno Camping! I was moved to perform some culinary activity today so even took an Internet recipe and managed to purchase most of the ingredients. There were some substitutions as there were no cabbages at Petrakis. I could have gone elsewhere but decided to use spinach instead. I needed coriander but, for some reason, it’s rare in Greece so I used parsley. With all my prerequisites, I returned this morning to announce the intention to create a hopefully edible dish for the evening.

It was another moonlit morning so few stars but a good view all around. The dogs played more or less nicely but little interest in the balls. Luis’ fatal leg injury was still playing him up so he seemed more intent on discovering ever elaborate ways to bury or hide the ball so that I couldn’t find it in order to throw it. I tried to explains that he doesn’t have to go after it and that I’d prefer not to have to play hunt the ball all the time. Finally, we marched across the rocks under the moonlight and Ursula took Obi and Princess to the collection point. The FreeLoaders were still in residence on the Promontory as there was a small outburst as confirmation.

I had another moonlit run and went a little further today covering 7km rather than the usual 6km. The water was cold in the showers and Ursula was cold whilst performing her pilates on the decking. We were both cold as we drank our tea in the tent. The sun eventually rose so the day started to warm up a little. It was really quite nice by the time I’d returned from my shopping excursion.

Breakfast as usual followed by some gentle work and a gentler snooze. I have invited Ursula to an Apple Activity Challenge. Whoever scores most points at the end of seven days is the winner. I think I have won today probably because I forgot to end my Evening Walk Activity.

I prepared the food for my evening meal and got it on the go. Ursula and Tony brought round a banana cake made with a new recipe. They came to me for a change as I’d decided to move Fido and OddJob into the same compound. The former Boris compound is mostly in the shade from late autumn to early spring so I need to get them all to play nicely. OddJob goes out of his way to wind up Fido but they need to have it out, once and for all. Then maybe, the remainder of us will get some peace!

After the tea, Ursula sorted out the dog food whilst I set off with the dogs for a quick trip around the Promontory. I have to be a little careful as there is a French couple with a small dog who like to walk it there in the evenings. I suspect it wouldn’t end too well should their dog meet my mob whilst they’re all free. As it turned out, the French, like the FreeLoaders, were nowhere to be seen either.

The dogs were soon fed and in bed so we munched our way through some of the latest creation. Ursula and Tony headed off for their cabin just after nine so you can tell we enjoy staying up late.

As predicted, I’m falling asleep whilst writing this seated on the back bench. I would have had no chance if I’d tried to do it whilst in bed! It’s gone 10 now so I think I’ll go to bed.


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