My time has come…

OddJob got in a little bother this morning. He’d been winding up Fido for a long time: each walk where they were together. Yesterday, I helped to tip the balance by putting the two of them in the run together in the hope of progressing the eventual outcome. There was a bit of a punchup. Ursula and I stood by and looked on as this time, the odds were not stacked against OddJob and I know he can run pretty fast. They chased him off so he didn’t come back at the end of the walk. I wandered out to look for him later and was chatting to Swiss Lady who is camping in her van on the beach opposite the demolished kantina. I could see OddJob in the distance but I suspect he didn’t recognise me. Later, he came back to the gate and, after a little TLC, he decided to come in. Things are now a little sensitive relationship wise and Luis now considers himself OddJob’s senior. OddJob still seems to wish to challenge Fido for Top Dog position. We’ll see how things work out in the morning…

I cycled to Paleochora but didn’t go shopping. Two reasons: first I didn’t think I needed anything and second I didn’t have any money with me.

Luis was quite noisy during my absence as I discovered upon my return. Ursula, Tony and Heidi were leaving for Melame to see Stavros the vet as Heidi needs her passport updated for the UK immigration procedure. Luis remained quite excitable all day.

Swiss Lady appeared at the field gate to pay me a visit. She also brought her camera to charge it up. We chatted a while and drank some tea. I said I only do tea now and hadn’t any coffee for ages. I think she’s getting a little bored with her own company.

She disappeared to go to watch the sunset and I answered an email from Maria who was asking if I’d have a meeting with Georgia in ‘about an hour’. I said I would have one another time. Ursula arrived bearing cake: Tony was still in the shower. We drank tea, ate cake and chatted until Tony arrived for his cup. Not long after, Georgia arrived at my gate and proceeded to monopolise me for the next forty-five minutes or so. She told me of her meeting in Athens with the landlords and we discussed some elements of the camping layout. Finally, she received a phone call from her mother and promised to leave in five minutes. Meanwhile, Manolis, her brother, arrived and asked me where I would like him to deliver the replenished gas bottles for the kitchen. I’ve not had any keys since my trip to UK in May so it was immaterial to me. Maria then appeared to tell me she wanted to go to the Οχι Day parade in the morning and would I keep an eye on the camping. She then mentioned that she was leaving on Monday and that, from then on, I’d be in charge for the winter. Thanks for letting me know. Lucky I’d not made arrangements for Monday!

Ursula came back and kindly put out all the food for the dogs and filled their water bowls up as by this time it was nearly dark. Earlier, I had promised to return Swiss Lady’s camera on my way past with the dogs. I decided not to take them out onto the Promontory but for a quick walk around the fields as in the summer. We met Swiss Lady who accompanied me on the walk and then came back to the camping to collect her camera. She then went on for a meal at Houmas.

I should have put my food in to heat up before going out with the dogs so things have not quite gone according to plan. 

There’s an extra hour in bed tomorrow. I wonder if OddJob will be quiet. I won’t hold my breath!

My time has come to be the boss again…


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