Ursula is baking!

OddJob was chased off during the walk yesterday evening but I didn’t see what happened. He didn’t come back at the end of the walk so I returned with the others as usual. Ursula had prepared their food so it was quick for me to put them to bed.

As the evening continued, I kept looking out to see if OddJob was at the gate to the field but I wanted to go to bed in good time due to the hour change. I decided to prop open the field gate and put his food into his house in case he returned in the night. I went to bed shortly after.

I had to get up to give a collar to Luis at around 02:00 at which point the battery on my torch ran out. I was not able to see into the house properly with the red lamp I use for running but thought I saw his food still in the bowl. I went back to bed. When I got up to take them out at the usual time, I noticed a pair of eyes reflecting the light of my torch from within the house. Often he will make a noise in the morning but today he remained almost silent.

The walk progressed as usual however I hung on to Luis, Fido and Oskar as I suspect they are the main culprits for his disappearances. We all made it back to the camping together at the end of the walk and continued with the daily routine.

Breakfast was in the shade by Tony and Ursula’s cabin as we’d decided it might be too warm in the sun. We were still there at 12:00 when I felt it might be time to be productive. It was warm and comfortable in my awning tent so productivity fell by the wayside. I’ve had a bit of a sore throat for a couple of days, have done all the usual stuff but have not been left with much excess energy. It’s the first ailment I’ve experienced in more than a year and suspect that might be due to my change in lifestyle. I’m told by Canadian Lady at the supermarket that it’s going around. Other than a sore throat and a little lethargy, I feel ok.

Ursula is baking a cake and says she and Tony will come up for tea around 17:00. I need to make important preparations for the arrival of the cake!

The cakes were very tasty: variations on the previous recipe but very good. We drank tea, ate cake and I took out the dogs whilst Ursula prepared the food. They had meat tonight as I forgot to order the food previously and it was delivered this morning.

The evening walk went without a hitch. The AirSoft Lads were just leaving the Beach Car Park as we approached. Antonis’ car was driving down the road as we crossed the field. Great timing as it’s not good to walk the dogs when they are pelting each other with nylon pellets. I let OddJob, Luis, Charlie and Pea go and retained the others. Charlie and OddJob disappeared towards the Big Beach at full speed but OddJob reappeared a short while after and was waiting with the others at the assembly point at the end.

They are now in their houses although OddJob has his door open in the hope that this will help to continue his silent routine in the morning. Luis has already been granted the order of the collar. He has been allowed a little extra latitude today and has spent the afternoon in with me on the decking.

My supper is ready as the Instant Pot has just beeped.


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