Another beautiful day!

OddJob didn’t return in the night nor did he appear during the Early Walk. There was a lot of activity on the part of Luis and Fido in the ball retrieval department. Both kept going until they were fit to drop. The moon is down to 55% illumination; combined with the overcast sky, it was none too bright out. I ‘charged’ the balls with my torch so that it was easier to keep track of them and the dogs. Great fun was had by all. We did the rocks and went back to the camping. 

Charlie absented himself at the collection point and Ursula reported that she’d seen both him and OddJob on the road parallel to Alonáki Beach. I decided to investigate to find OddJob very willing to return to the lead in exchange for lots of fuss. Charlie was skulking around and soon joined him when I went to talk to Swiss Lady who was enjoying a hot beverage whilst watching the gathering dawn.

We chatted a while and she told me it was her last day on Crete as she was catching the ferry from Souda to Piraeus at midnight. She took photos of the dogs and I left to get ready for my run. Charlie and OddJob shared the run with Heidi, Princess and Luis. I went for my run taking Fido as he likes a bit of a run in the morning. Being somewhat later, the school children were assembled by the roadside waiting for the school bus. They delighted in watching Fido trotting along beside me.

Ursula had completed her Pilates so we decided to drink the ceremonial tea before the shower assuming she didn’t mind having a peg on her nose. She went off to her cabin, I went to get a shower and the dogs remained quiet. I then went into Paleochora for the daily pastry and some fruit from Petrakis.

Breakfast was next followed by a solo walk for OddJob who had joined us for breakfast. Luis was initially there but upset everything by his frantic barking at one of the ferrel cats. This earned him a rapid march back for incarceration in his house and cessation of privileges.

OddJob truly enjoyed his walk on the Promontory. We walked around and he obediently followed as expected. At the Small Beach, we even went in the water with him fetching sticks. He wasn’t too sure of the waves and enjoyed chewing rather than retrieving the stick. I took him back and then went to see off Swiss Lady as she was on the point of departure.

The afternoon dissolved into tea time whereupon I left to walk the dogs and Ursula dealt with the food. To avoid any problems, I let OddJob off early so that he could get a head start on the others. Then I let off Pea and that was all. OddJob was not to be seen again. I walked the others on their leads and returned to the compound to find OddJob locked in his house having devoured his food.

I fed the remainder and then released OddJob who migrated to one of the igloo houses. He seems happier when not confined to his house and keeps quiet. Result for all!

Rice and spinach tonight in contrast to Ursula’s magnificent vegetable curry.

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