Tony, Ursula and Heidi leave Grammeno

A rude awakening just before midnight from Princess who was experiencing a gastric emergency and needed to get out of her house. OddJob was out anyway so delighted to have company. The two of them didn’t stay out for long as I soon put them back in their houses. Even with the door closed, but not fastened, OddJob managed to keep reasonably quiet.

We were out at the normal time and found Ursula at the end of the Promontory with Heidi. OddJob had been released first followed by Pea then Charlie. From his previous habits, I assumed he’d turned back and returned to the camping, so later released the others. The reality was that he was with Ursula and was therefore chased off when the others arrived. Good exercise for all concerned, but not the outcome I was looking for.

Following the initial excitement, the crew were extremely lethargic so we changed locations several times to try to encourage them into a little activity. We gave up around the normal time and so were back at the camping by around 06:00. OddJob hadn’t returned so I went back to the beach to look for him. He arrived promptly and we enjoyed a bit of a love-in and appreciation of the dawn sky before returning to the compound.

I took Fido for a run, Ursula carried out her pilates and we had tea before shower so that Ursula could get away and carry on with the Packathon.

I showered and cycled to Paleochora to purchase Tony’s final pastry and get a few things from Petrakis. I paid by card but the machine rebooted as the transaction was processing. My phone was in the bag on my bike and too far from the watch for an update so I assumed the transaction had failed so paid by cash. It was only later that I discovered that, despite the machine rebooting, the transaction had succeeded and I’d paid twice. I contacted Yannis to explain the situation. He said I’d get a refund next time and not to worry.

We had our final breakfast and I left Ursula to continue the Packathon. I now have an additional storage shelf as well as a small table. They will not require either of these items before they return to Grammeno on 24 January 2019.

The morning turned to afternoon and there were a few IT support requests but nothing too demanding. Ursula, having completed the Packathon, came round with Tony to cut my hair. We sat out on the decking with Tony looking on. Ursula had been threatening to trim his beard for weeks however, when it came to the crunch, Tony bulked. I went for a shower to wash away the hair, we had tea and cake before saying our goodbyes together with Maria who was cooking spaghetti in the Central Kitchen.

I finished off some tasks and then took the dogs for their Late Walk. There were cars in the car park so we all walked nicely together on the lead. Even OddJob. Now they are fed and in bed and are being serenaded by the cats which seem to have invaded the camping. Luis is about to receive a collar for his troubles.

My supper is ready so off I go!


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