OddJob goes home!

I slept until 04:15 and waited for the 04:25 alarm before venturing from my pit. OddJob was reasonably quiet but remained elusive whilst the others were running about. The various FreeLoaders were in their vans so our journey to and from the Promontory was uneventful. The two caravans on Alonáki Beach have since departed as they were probably locals just out for the weekend. The other van with the dog I think is foreign and still present this evening.

I ran 8km with Fido plus one other after the Early Walk. It was a fluffy dog which resides in a shady-looking ‘hotel’ about 1km from the camping. It joined us all the way to the entrance to Paleochora and back again. Fido didn’t seem to mind and the fluffy mutt managed to dodge all the cars.

After my shower, I decided not to ride to Paleochora as Petrakis is closed, I didn’t need anything and 8km was easily enough to close my Rings. I sat and read the news and eventually thought about breakfast.

A phone call from Maria alerted me that there was someone to see me. The man had seen the photo of OddJob on FaceBook and had come to reclaim him. OddJob was very pleased to see him and the two of them disappeared off together. Hopefully, I will not find OddJob standing outside my gate again one evening.

I worked on a price list for all the rooms, vans and cabins on the camping. Special prices for the winter period. The weather was sunny and warm so the afternoon drifted by until tea time and cake. Ursula left me some lovely jam which I am using to brighten up some of the older cake.

The evening walk was equally uneventful and all except the usual two could go off lead as there was no OddJob to chase away.

Love him as we all did, my life will be much simpler without him.


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