Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

The times, they are a-changin’. Insomuch as I didn’t get up until 04:55 this morning. Now that I can let the dogs get plenty of exercise both morning and evening, I have decided to give myself a huge lie-in until 04:55! Such decadence should not be permitted I realise.

The balls were very successful this morning with Luis, Fido and Charlie being the chief protagonists. Oskar joined in a bit too: mostly to tease the others. We had an active time and I was charging up the balls in my pocket so that they glowed brightly. The moon is on its last legs so little help from that quarter. Tomorrow there will be only something like 3% illumination so not worth considering other than it will be visible. This morning, I was able to make out the complete disk even though there was only 5% illumination.

Luis sloped off with the ball at one point, heading in the direction of the rocks like a dog on a mission. I was busy elsewhere so just hoped he kept tabs on the ball. The others were beginning to get bored so I decided to take them along the rocks before heading back to the camping. I set off but Luis was not to be found until we’d crossed over the low section which often gets washed over when the sea is rough. Only then did I see that he had no ball in his mouth. I asked him where it was and he turned around to head back to the sandy part where we had been playing earlier. I tied Princess and Obi to a rock rather than have to drag them over and back again. I followed Luis who disappeared into the morning gloom. I eventually heard him growling in the distance as he fended off the others from the buried ball. I approached and relieved him of it.

The interesting thing is that he must have come back from the rocks having not just abandoned the ball (à la Boris), found a place and then buried it. Also he actually appeared to understand what I wanted some considerable time after doing all of this. He might be cleverer than we give him credit.

The day has been one of catching up with little jobs following the usual run and cycle to Paleochora. Fido and I completed another 8km trot to the entrance of Paleochora and back. I was there again later, not to buy a pastry, but to go to the supermarket for a few essentials.

To give an indication of the current weather conditions, it is still warm and sunny with a high today of 25.8℃. I do not close the van door and am still sleeping with it open all night. There are still plenty of annoying mosquitoes and it’s no hardship wearing shorts. I wear heavy shorts morning and evening and light ones during the day. The temperature under the canopy is often over 33℃ when the sun is out and I have to open up one end most days.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have now got as far as southern France and are heading north for their Tunnel crossing which is scheduled for 7 November.

I would like to wish all residents of Lewes a happy Bonfire and hope it doesn’t rain or is windy. Two enemies of bonfire.

My supper has already defrosted and reheated in the Instant Pot and my rice is nearly ready. Much more civilised than reheating stuff on the hob with pans boiling over, steam everywhere and all the pots to clean.


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