New winter arrivals

The moon and Venus in the early dawn sky

The moon will not be visible tomorrow morning as it rises at dawn and is only 0.3% illumination. The New Moon is at 18:01. This is the last we will see of the moon in the early morning until 22 November when it will set at 05:54. Full Moon is the following day. You may also be excited to learn that this year there was a double Blue Moon in January and March. A Blue Moon is where there are two full moons is an astronomical month.

Chris and Claire, with their Hymer motorhome, arrived at Grammeno while I was out on my bike. They were standing outside reception as I returned to the camping. Maria, had deserted her post, and is still here despite threatening to leave since last Monday! She says she will definitely leave tomorrow as Georgia is helping a friend move some possessions so needs the pickup which she left at the camping in exchange for Maria’s car. The truck is a bit of a gas-guzzler so I’m unsurprised she prefers Maria’s Toyota hatchback.

The couple from Oxford will stay all winter with a break in December to go to Australia. They have parked their van in the sheltered spot alongside the restaurant. We need to come up with a solution to measure electricity as they will be long-term guests. They will be in Oz for three months and then they say they will stay for the summer. (I think this is too far ahead to be thinking).

Other arrivals today are a Swiss couple who were here during the winter months last year. Their visit included some pretty poor weather. They return this year to visit the island so may return to Grammeno at the end of the tour. They plan to stay on Crete until the end of December.

It has been quite warm and sunny today although the wind has shifted to the north making it chilly once the heat of the sun is no longer present.

I have been busier due to customers and some IT work too. Maria sloped off for a meal earlier without telling me. Fortunately, I was wandering around the camping when the Swiss couple arrived. Their friends were already settled in. Only going to prove that it’s worth looking after your customers so that they come again and bring their friends.

The dogs have been a little restless today probably due to the wind and a new dog on the camping. The Swiss couple have a dog.

The walks were fine although it was almost dark by the time we got out for the Late Walk.

I can detect enticing aromas from the Instant Pot so I’d better go to investigate.



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