Nearly there

It was cooler this morning and a little windier however not enough to persuade the mosquitoes to stay at home. They were particularly bothersome today and I must have squished several. The Little Blighters were trying to bite my face as my head and neck were covered by the hood of my dog-walking garment.

The dogs were fairly lethargic today: even Luis and Fido. Perhaps these morning 8km runs are starting to take a toll on Fido? Maybe Luis is having sympathetic lethargy?

Maria had been turning on the main bathroom water heater early in the mornings so I decided not to bother to check it this morning. Naturally, it was today that she slept on so the water was just about hot when I got my shower.

It was windy as I cycled to Paleochora to the supermarket. There are new pipes being installed alongside the road. Presumably in preparation for the new road which is threatened very soon. By other standards, the safety precautions seem a little haphazard however they have their merits. The responsibility is placed upon the car driver to ensure that he can pass without causing complications. Most drivers appear to wait patiently until the road is clear. Fido and I ran past these works and then back again a few moments later. This is a pipe-laying exercise so the works will slowly move up the road. I’m interested to see what happens when they get to the entrance of the petrol filling station.

It has been a reasonably busy day but nothing of great merit. The morning was warm and sunny so I was wearing just shorts while in the awning area. Clouds appeared later in the afternoon so the temperature has dropped. I casually looked at the forecast for tomorrow to note that showers are expected in the evening. Only 50% at present but any rain will significantly lower the temperature whilst giving the mozzies a field-day.

Thursday evening and night 50% chance of showers around 5mm

Ursula sent a picture of her being chilly near Cap Blanc-Nez. They are awaiting their Shuttle to England and thence to their home. The end of several long days drive for Ursula. She says that Heidi has stood up well despite a rather limited exercise regime. They will be back to Greenham Common soon no doubt. Both Ursula and Heidi seem to prefer it there even though it involves getting in the car. These dark winter days do not lend themselves to wandering around the woods in the dark as I recall from my Hindhead days. Nothing like drippy branches above with slippery leaves and tree roots underfoot.

We have returned from the Late walk, had our meaty suppers and are no practicing being quiet in our houses. There is rice under construction in the Instant Pot as the remains of yesterday reheated itself whilst the walk was progressing.

It is not cold this evening so I could have done without the coat I decided to wear as we went out. Maria, I assume has left, leaving me in charge of the shop. She tells me there is some money to chase up tomorrow but I’m certain to receive an email before long. There are hissing noises from the Instant Pot so I expect it will soon get up to pressure and start cooking the rice. The actual cooking takes only seven minutes and it makes a good job of it. No burnt offerings or rice stuck to the pan. It is the only one in this category which has a stainless steel pot. Better than the non-stick variety which cease being non-stick relatively quickly.


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