And now there is just one motorhome

Last night, a phone call from Maria alerted me to a power failure in T3 where Peter and his partner reside. It transpired that she’d plugged in an appliance which had shorted the power circuit and caused a fuse to blow. In England, plugs have their own separate fuse which usually goes first. On the Continent, it’s the main circuit breaker which does that job. In this instance, it was not the breaker in the van which tripped but one on the wooden pole which carries the main power cables down the camping to the kitchen, bar and restaurant. It was with huge delight that I wandered around the camping in the rain to find the ladder which had been ‘put away’ where it had last been used. I then had to remove the swathes of plastic and sticky tape applied over the electrical apparatus on the pole to protect them from the winter. The genius knew that he would not be the one having to tend to a breaker on a dark, damp Thursday evening. Nevertheless, I flipped up the tripped breaker so that Peter and his partner could continue to enjoy their evening. I returned to my van to update Maria whose call I ignored whilst I was eating my supper. She did apologize for disturbing me so it’s the thought that counts.

The alarm didn’t wake me this morning as I was already up dressing when it sounded. I’d even had time to look at the weather to be certain not to have an early shower. There was a little drizzle but that didn’t stop Luis who was the star performer this morning. It was only right at the end that he started to slow down and even then, I had to wrest the ball from his mouth as we traversed the rocks. The others were mostly inactive preferring to wander around sniffing things and piddling.

Charlie absented himself at the end of the walk and it was only once Fido and I returned from our 8km trot did Charlie appear at the gate. I was on the point of going out looking for him. I’m always mindful of the unattended swimming pools at CBV. Charlie came in, had a drink and was then confined to barracks whilst I showered and rode to Paleochora. I needed nothing from Petrakis but felt it was time to visit my friend the dentist. I have an appointment for ‘around 11:00’ next Friday with one of the dentists. I forget which dentist comes on which days but it’s all the same to me.

After breakfast, I went to take money from Josef in T1. I also put up the sign in the office door which gives my phone number as primary contact. I prefer not to have Maria telling me there’s someone at the reception followed by the Third Degree thereafter. I updated my spreadsheet from earlier in the season, filled the stapler, put a new roll in the credit card machine and generally got organised. I then went down to the beach to collect money from the two Swiss couples who had been there three nights.

They paid up and required change, so there was more walking up-and-down the camping. I suspect I’ve nearly reached my Challenge average for today. The walk should finish it off.

The supper is prepared and waiting in the Instant Pot. I shall set it going as I leave for the Evening Walk. I’d considered carrying out a drone inspection of the Promontory for walkers and wanderers but decided I needed more time to read the manual and get used to the aircraft. Especially as it’s a bit windy for a maiden flight and I’ve been busy anyway. Tomorrow is looking more promising and Sunday will bring some people to look at.

The sunset looking south. A tiny moon is just left of centre

Looking east – not so attractive



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